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    Firtst, you have to have a login for that site so we can't see what the post is about. Second, B&H sells rifle scopes, so what (they are optics). What are trying to get at with this post?
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    My first Nikon was a rifle scope. I upgraded to it from my Bushnell when I was 9 and put it on my 7mm Remington Magnum. It enabled me to get three shots in the same hole at 100 yards and consistently hit a six inch gong at a thousand yards.

    It is nice that I can buy accessories like this from B&H. I did not know this.
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    1. Religious/Political discussions are NOT allowed. This is a photography forum. There are plenty of other platforms where you can express your views. Non photography related topics are allowed, but please use your common sense.
    Gun discussion in a photography forum isn’t "common sense", and it is hardly plausible that reminiscing over a scope is merely an innocent discussion of optics.
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    sight no good to anyone in the UK you cannot buy a gun and don't ever see a gun .
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    I'm in the UK. I have a gun. With a sight on it
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    Yes, Me too. Several. Anyways, this thread has run its course.
    Always learning.
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