Last chance for a look.....(fun and weird)

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I do my last wedding end April and site is funded till end of may . I have not put any of my photos on forums since a bad experience with idiots on Nikonites. Don't claim to do anything fantastic but if you want to look at my site just to prove I am what I say it is here The client area has my last 120 weddings ( not all weddings are created equal) any e mail will get you in ie
Look out for the hearts, artificial grass and 14mm disco shots with my own battery powered disco lights.


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    Heee, nice album, the hart is a good idea, but I like also,

    The black and white, St George's hall Liverpool
    Dumbleton church Glos, Chateau Impney, Cottrell Park Cardiff
    The two hands, the Wharf Burnley,

    Which photo's do you mean with the disco lights.

    What's the story behind the "St Nicholas Eydon Northants" I'am curious.
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    @Pistnbroke, very nice work. The artificial grass looks very good idea, at least if it's what I think it is now you mentioned it. :)

    BTW, if you don't mind me asking, how many weddings can you realistically do per year, considering the weather, season, time needed for interviewing, preparation and post processing, etc?
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    To make it economical you need to do 20 a year ..early on we did 40 a year the best being 5 in 7 days but with the corruption in the hotels/weekend warriors etc its dropped to almost zero . 3000 visits to the same site you have seen last year and zero calls. We don't see anybody until the day ..its all on the web.
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    Great work, nice to see this style is still around. Creative ideas, rather than cheezy art filters in post make these great, IMO.
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    If I take a good photo it's not my camera's fault.
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    For toni...the heart is of course done with about 30 half tennis balls. The guy who walked down the street was brought up in the village in the war and was poor .He did it to prove his family had made it. At the rehearsal the vicar would not let me stand at the front ..he said " I am paying for this and if you want the grass cut in your churchyard you can let him stand where he wants " job done. The best man went off with the bridesmaid for a bonk after the service and it took him 1 1/2 hours to get to the reception holding it up !!
    At the end of all the weddings is the disco sequence so that's where to look for the lighting.
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    Always nice, the stories behind the photo's.
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    Hmm......I must say, based on your previous posts, I expected more noise. Nice work.
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    I use a megaphone but that noise does not come out in the pictures ( ha ha ) the very early ones will be D7000 then D7100/D800 with the later ones being D810. All the normal perspective will be 28-300 at f8 and iso 200 and the wides the Samyang 14mm at f5.6 (D800) Everything JPEG basic large.Never use RAW. My next wedding will be the first and last with the D850.If its flash its SB400 and flash flipper.

    All the bridal prep stuff/bridesmaids/church rear/doorway/room detail/speeches/disco is taken by my wife who edits it all in lightroom/photoshop/perfectly clear. Usually we end up about 50/50 in the shot count at about 465 each. Every wedding is SSDD so each of us knows exactly what to do without much discussion.
    Equipment is fishingstool,tennis balls,steps,artificial grass, board for bride to stand on,fishing rod (extendable),Traffic cones,2 cake knives, Imodium, tea cloth,disco lights.
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    Nice work. Very nice.
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    LOL!! My curiosity sated after so many many years !!! almost missed it !!
    Moments of Light - D610 D7K S5pro 70-200f4 18-200 150f2.8 12-24 18-70 35-70f2.8 : C&C very welcome!
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    I admire you but no envy here. I was not cut out to be a wedding photog.
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    @FreezeAction - Hear, hear. Trees and critters and rivers and mountains are far less demanding (and litigious) customers. That said, I'm not trying to put beans on the table with my cameras. Mountains and critters usually refuse to pay the invoices I send them.
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    @Capt_Spaulding - you are so right about that invoicing problem with the trees and such. There was a time when photographing kids on horse back in the wilderness could separate money from a mother faster than Walmart. :wink:
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    @Pistnbroke, what a testament to you and yours' professional legacy. Thanks for sharing...

    That said, hat's off to you, I could never put up with a wedding party, based on experience with my family... :smiley:
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