Will AKM fire damage nikon

Three day fire at AKM Semiconductor factors hits Sony Canon and Nikon.
This has affected black friday offers as this will reduce production.
Lets hope it hits Sony and Canon harder than Nikon.


  • DenverShooterDenverShooter Posts: 415Member
    What AKM device(s) is Nikon using in which Nikon products?


  • mhedgesmhedges Posts: 2,764Member
    I saw that. Apparently the fire was in October but word just seems to be getting out now, not sure why. Looks like the plant mostly made analog to digital conversion parts.

    Hopefully Nikon has a second source for components when possible. I know for most consumer electronics it's typical to dual source parts. Usually there would be a "major" and "minor" supplier and the business would be split 70/30 or so. Not sure if ILC production is high enough volume to justify the effort for that. If not they will have to find another source now; waiting for the plant to be rebuilt isn't realistic since that's a 18-24 month effort.
  • DenverShooterDenverShooter Posts: 415Member
    We are assuming that Nikon is using AKM parts in some/all of their products. Does anyone know that they are and in what models? Because nothing jumps out as a part that would be applicable to Nikon looking at the AKM website.

    My Day gig uses AKM parts in virtual all of our hardware. Our Contract Manufacturer was able to source a two year supply without any issue.

    That gives our engineers plenty of time to swap to other vendors if it looks like AKM is going to be problematic going forward.

    Nikon is huge and probably has a whole supply chain group and I would have to assume that they have the resources to do the same.
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    Well...... that's bad..
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