D850 9fps issues - UK ONLY

trolleytrolley Posts: 200Member
So belatedly (probably due to not spending much money recently) I decided to look at boosting my D850's frame rate. Mostly due to my finding a reasonably priced grip.
But 3rd party covers, batteries and chargers - it's a nightmare! :o
I can't seem to get DSTE stuff in the UK. Nor Dr. Watson.
The end battery compartment covers for taking an EN-EL18 - £28 for a Venidice (looks like an Mcoplus one). I could get one from China for £10 - and it should be exempt from import duty etc - but I don't think shipping companies have a clue. Nikon is £36
Chargers? Not a hope in hell!
Unless I buy Nikon - and that puts the price up a lot.
There is one exception - a site called Grandado. But they're shipping from Hong Kong - so we're back into the Sales tax/Duty mess. And I don't know anything about them.
Has anyone in the UK got any suggestions? Amazon has some 'equivalent' batteries, but so many seem not to work/ be recognised it's a minefield


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