Needs lens suggestion for Spain trip and Western Med Cruise

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I need some suggestions for adding a lens to fill a gap I have before my JUly/AUgust vacation. In late July my wife and I will be spemding 10 days in Spain followed by a 7 day Western Med cruise. The stay in Spain will be be 2 days in Barcelona, 7 days in Marbella (Malaga),1-1/2 days in Madrid followed by the crusie with stops in Naples, Rome, Florence, Marseille, France, and Palma, Spain, before returing to Barcelona.

My body is a D7000 and the current lenes are a Tokina 12-24mm f/4, Nikon 50mm 1/8G, Nikon 70-300 AF-S VR, and a Sigma 150-500. I have an obvious gap below the 70-300. I'd like to minimize the amount of of gear that I'm taking with and really can't see the need to take the Sigma150-500, but I'm struggleing to decide what to add. I've been considering a Nikon 18-105, or either Tamron 17-270 or Sigma 18-250. The Nikon18-300 is just not in the budget, although a used Nikon 18-200 would probably fit it. I've also thought about a Sigma 18-50f2/8, but I think that will still leave me with too much of a gap.

Any thoughts or suggestions would really be appreciated.
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    It's not too clear what you really want - If it is a one lens solution then 18 to at least 200 would be good but if you want to take your other lenses then how about the 24-85 f 3.5-5.6?
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    Just bring three of what you have... Tokina 12-24, Nikon 50mm and the 70-300. Done. If you want to spend money buy extra memory cards or portable hard drives for backup.
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    @spraynpray, In a way, you are right, I'm not sure I really want an all in one solution. It I go that way, I can leave just about everything at home, but, I'll lose any low-light capability for indoor shots (churches, etc). I'm not really a fan of the "superzooms" because of the compromises they make to get the long zoom. I hadn;t thought of the 24-85, but that would cover everything between the Tokina and the 70-300mm, but still leave me the option of using the other lenses i the need arose.
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    I don't really see a gap.
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    Before reading your post these were my words exactly!. No need to purchase another lens. Use a light tripod to do interior shots.
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    How sympathetic your wife is to the photography thing?
    With that list of places, I would let that guide the decision how many, which lenses to buy and carry.
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    @tman -She's OK with it, as long as it doen't become a priority.
    @msmoto and Ade - I think I agree that there isn't really a gap. I think that I'm trying to convince myself that I need (want-:)) a new lens, when I probably have everything I need for the cities we will be at and/or places we will be visiting in those cities.
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    You may find that you'll use the 12-24 the most, the 50mm for inspired pictures (close-up details, shallow DoF, low light), and the 70-300 rarely.

    Having another zoom at mid-range will be more convenient, and there will be times you'll wish you have it. But you might actually take better pictures without the zoom because you'll be forced to work for it.
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    I'll happily pitch in to vicarious spending. I don't see a gap there at all either. You have a good range. You might improve the speed (light collecting) at the more telephoto end. Maybe look at trading the 70-300 for either the 70-200 VR f/4 or the 105mm f/2.8 Macro if you just have money burning in your pocket. Someone has to fuel the global economy! Do you shoot at 200-500mm a lot? Sounds like an awesome trip. I hope you like seafood!
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    Sounds like a great trip! I'm off to Marbella for a week in July also (sadly no cruise). I also use a D7000 and to keep the weight down i was thinking of taking my wide lens (16-35mm f4) and probably the 50mm 1.8.

    Ive been to Marbella several times before and i kind of bought the 16-35mm with my trip in mind as i'm sure that lens will be glued to my camera.

    I got the 18-105mm with the D7000 and personally couldnt wait not to have to use it. I really wouldnt recommend getting it as you already have better lenses.

    Enjoy your holiday!
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    I hate to do this, since it's a lens you don't have, but if I go on a trip and can only bring one (particularly if I think I'm going to be shooting architecture, scenery, and street scenes), I carry the 24-70.
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    Hi all,

    I would gladly volunteer go along and act as a porter and translator and food taster, most taster. The paella is terrific in Barcelona, but can be terribly poisonous - you really, really need a taster. ;-)

    Ade, as always, is pretty dead on. Because of what I like to shoot, I might take my 16-85mm and a 35mm since I have those lenses and have a personal preference for those ranges over what you have listed. I'm guess you have what you _like_.

    I carry a tripod, some don't. I'm shaky and it's good to have a tripod for long exposures. Mine is carbon fiber and light weight for travel. If you have a really good, steady hand and can improvise, you might need a tripod at all or use other, smaller table-top other technique.

    My beautiful wife and I will revisit Barcelona next year (our honeymoon started there some years ago) and Pampalona for the running of the bulls on my birthday. I only plan to make it for a street or two, then duck into a ally. I won't be carrying the tripod then.

    Again, I will be glad to carry your equipment, and my Spanish improves greatly with every drink of sangria, or at least, I think so.

    Have a great time and my best,

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    @MikeGunter - I'm afraid if I brought you along as porter, taster, etc, my wife would be less than pleased :) As for lenses, I probably do have what I need for this trip. I really don't see any use for the longer zooms, athough if I have room, the 70-300 will probably go, the Sigma will not be making the trip.

    If I add anything, it would be a mid-range zoom as ade suggested and leave the 70-300 home..

    Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions.
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