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Knowing me I would take all of my camera gear and kitchen sink to a baseball game.
For those of you who have taken photos with your gear at a stadium what would be best for me to take as a spectator? I would normally not take my gear but the couple going with us just got engaged and I was thinking of doing some save the date shots for them at the stadium. My options are d800 with either 50mm 1.8g 24_70 2.8 or 85 1.8g and sb-800 or on camera flash if needed. Forecast is warm and possible rain. We can either take photos inside or outside of the cubs stadium. I want to pack smart especially since I'm taming the baby anyways. This is more of an improve gift idea. Weather they hire me proffesionally or not I want to give them this as a gift.


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    Some stadiums have rules about cameras and flash. I would check ahead of time.
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    I checked online and I only saw no tripods
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    I just did an unintended practice run at the mall. I was carrying my 20lb baby and my wife had the diaper bag. So that helped me decide further. Even though I'm getting stronger in my arms carrying the baby and a camera the lighter the better is the best option. The 50mm may be the better choice for field of view but I'm going with the 85mm. This is where the sigma 35 1.4 would come in handy to capture the scene better but the 85mm it is. After all this save date is focusing on the couple.
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    Not an easy question. Maybe I can give you some additional considerations:
    A wide angle lens will make the background appear smaller, i.e. you will get more of the background in the frame. This helps to get a bit more stadium atmosphere in the picture, even with close-up shots of the couple.
    So maybe it is a good idea to sneak an additional 24mm lens into the diaper bag :-)

    My walk-around lens for stadiums is actually the 24-70 for exactly the above reason and the versatility of being able to choose my framing with a zoom. I think for your case it is even more important, because with the baby you are not so flexible to move. But this would be clearly no option if you always have to carry the baby in one arm and shoot single handed. You might even consider to use a point-and-shoot. Then you actually can zoom and keep the baby save.

    Good luck,
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    "24-70 for versatility" +1

    If you arrive there and find you have the wrong lens, you are stuffed and they will remember the date for the wrong reasons.
    Always learning.
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    Another vote for the 24-70, this is pretty much what it is made for. If you want to give them the pictures as a gift, you will want a series of some portrait-y stuff, and some overview-y stuff where you can see them and the stadium atmosphere. Sounds like 70 and 24mm. Just make sure you go close enough for those 70mm shots (you can always frame a little closer than you think on first view) and you will get nice bokeh even at f/2.8.
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    35mm f/1.4 on camera, 85mm f/1.8G in pocket or purse....
    Msmoto, mod
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    Good info guys. If only I owned that 35mm it would be easier. Good pointing out the pros about the 24-70.
    We will turn my bookbag/camera bag into the diaper bag and Ill use another smaller bag for the camera and lens.

    My plan was to get there really early because parking is almost impossible and either you park close or have to walk several blocks and find parking in somebodys property or use public transportation from downtown Chicago which I really don't want to do.
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    Most stadiums dont want you bringing big pro lenses in i think like the 70-200 2.8. i was able to get my 55-200 in ok when i went to the game. but def should check the website they are all different
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    If you are interested in doing photos of your friends in the stands, the 85mm may be way to long. Photos of the game, unless you are on the field, will be like ants on the side walk.

    I would use the 24-70 and take a monopod if you have one, use it as your "cane" when you walk in...they cannot deny you this as I understand it. Then, camera on monopod, self timer, hold it out in front of your friends and you get some nice shots. Overhead as well. You can play with the focal length but 24 is great on full frame.
    Msmoto, mod
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    I found my lowepro slingshot 200 bag and this fits 24-70, 85 and flash. It will be heavy to carry with baby but easier. So this bag it's. Yay. I almost sold last year. Good thing that I didn't.
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