NPS member? I could use your help.

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I've been putting it off for awhile now but I think it's about time I joined NPS. Sending in one of my main bodies for repair costs me big in rentals as you probably know. I have all the necessary requirements but one, a sponsor. Unfortunately none of my pro photographer friends use Nikon, only two of the photographers I assisted years ago were NPS and one is deceased. The other wanted to help but unfortunately his membership lapsed. I'd be extremely grateful to anyone that could help me with my predicament. Of course I'm happy to provide whatever you need to legitimately vouch for me and I'd also be happy to return the favor in some way. (I'm a proficient retoucher) ;)

Thanks for reading this, feel free to contact me through my profile or post things here if you feel you can help me.

Cheers, Jonathan
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