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Do Canon DSLR cameras have similar issues with oil spots, and focusing as Nikon's latest bodies?


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    I'd check with a Canon forum. I just use Nikon gear...

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    I'm not sure the purpose of the question. I agree a Canon forum should have the answers. The problem is, Nikon has had some problems. I'm sure Canon has had some problems. You'll learn more about Nikon good and bad here; more about Canon good an bad on a Canon forum.

    (My 2 cents)
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    Here's a guy complaining about oil spots on a 5DM3
    I've posted this twice on the D600 dust/oil thread where this discussion should probably go. The title of this topic is a bit vague as well :-)
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    All camera bodies will have an issue here and there. Their is no such thing as a trouble free D-SLR.
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    Oh, how D4 (about 26,000 clicks) has a lot of smeared oil spots on the sensor....but they will only show when I shoot a blank piece of white paper at f/16, then process with lots of contrast. I have not seen them since I cleaned the sensor about 1000 shots ago.

    Canon is famous for the lenses falling out and dropping to the floor. But, go to the Canon forums and check.
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    To be very honest, you couldn't go wrong with either brand. It all boils down to how you like your controls and whether or not you want to hack your camera. It's probably a little easier to eek a little more video performance out of Canon if you hack it.

    To a slightly lesser extent, the lens collection will also dictate what side you're on.

    But yeah, there are problems and quality issues on both sides too.
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