Why no 1 series supertelephoto?



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    Wow, that's really nice!

    How large were those figures? I can't tell the scale of things.
    The figures are about 45cm tall. For this shot I have been about 2m away from the subject. So if you want to judge the sharpness, you should look into the face of the figure or at the jewelry.
    My observation:
    - I found it very difficult to manually focus the 105 on the J2, you need hands like a surgeon. Autofocus is only an option, if your focal point is just in the center of the image.
    - resolution and sharpness are somewhat ....ok-ish... (compared to the D4)
    - colors and contrast were very nice, even RAW just out of the camera
    I figure, if someone has a 105, he also has a DSLR body laying around. So, for serious macro work, better use the DSLR.

    I have yet to try other lenses apart form the 600mm and the 105mm. The 600 is a great option on the J2, because it gives you additional reach. The 105 is acceptable.

    If I would have to make a purchase decision between a Nikon 1 and a P 7800 or any other P&S, I definitely would go for the Nikon 1. Because it gives a lot more options, flexibility and creativity.

    D4, D800E, Nikon 1 J2, 600 f/4, trinity, PC-E 45, PC-E 24, 105, 50 f/1,8g, 85 f/1,4, Sigma 150-500
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    I have tried shooting a cheap 55-300 and a 70-300 on the N1 and realize why there is no dedicated superzoom.
    When you are hand-holding at near a 1000mm equivalent looking through an electronic viewfinder, framing and focusing can be difficult! Can you shoot a reasonably sharp picture from a mile away?
    Yes, but its not nearly as easy or as fun as when shooting with a DSLR, and often I cannot truly appreciate how amazing the N1 did till I get to a computer and blow up the images.
    The best use of FX/DX lenses on the N1 IMHO has been the mid-range wide aperture lenses. I can take the N1 with an 85 1.4 attached and get reasonably great close-up shots indoors all in a small package (i.e. instead of a 2.8 superzoom and FX camera). However, in practice most of the time I actually use the 1 series lenses and shoot the N1 as is. It's great for quick photos, etc. and essentially replaced my P&S that I used to carry.
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