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How much will it cost for me to clean my 24-70? I have some specs of dust inside the lens and it shows up in my images when i push above f/5.6.


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    If your lens is not a "grey market" and was purchased within in the past 5 years...it will cost you nothing. Nikon will service it under warranty.
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    don't think that applies in the u.k though ,and as usual i might be wrong
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    @steveraw: The OP said his dust is inside his lens so your recommendation is no use to him.

    @blackfox: I have had two lenses repaired FOC that were more than a year old (one was more than two) so you may be surprised. My own experience of Nikon UK is that they are very fair and I trust them with my gear above all others.
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    I am curious where the particles are in the lens. I cannot imagine how this could show on images. Is it possible you have some dirt on the sensor?

    And, are you still around?
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  • Poseidon123Poseidon123 Posts: 3Member
    I think the particles are somewhere in between the middle elements. I had my sensor cleaned just a few months ago so i don't think its caused by dirt or dust particles on my sensor. Also i rarely disassemble my camera so not much dust or dirt can come in. But i am a little curious to how the particles got in there? Maybe one of the gaskets are loose? And the particles only show up when i push my aperture past 5.6.
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    OK, for clarification, what do the spots on the image look like? Are they dark spots or more donut holes? And, you say they are more prominent when shooting at smaller than f/5.6?

    Can you actually see the dust in the lens when viewed with a light source at one end?

    Incidentally, I have cleaned the sensor on my D4 several times and some spots are still there….mostly oil I think. But, these appear as irregular spots on my images, usually removed in post.
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  • Poseidon123Poseidon123 Posts: 3Member
    They are dark spots. And i don't know where they came from and how they got in there in the first place.

    Yeah, i can see the spots in the lens when i view it with a light source at one end.

    Oh. I see. Yeah most cameras get oil spots and can be easily cleaned by wiping it down with a sensor cleaning swab. But i don't seem to be getting those oil spots in my D3.
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    Poseidon123, I would suggest sending Golf007sd a PM, finding out where he gets his Nikon service, and sending your 24-70 to that location for examination and cleaning. I assume you are in the Northwest, USA, correct? From all that has been discussed here, it sounds as if something inside the lens has deposited a material on the elements, and this does not sound like a normal condition.
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