V1 using Tammy 200 -500 @ 500mm / 1350mm - ISO 1600 overcast day

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The V1 can be used in a pinch on an overcast day shooting at F6.3 without losing the aesthetics of the picture but will lose some detail if you reduce the noise to the degree I did here; I may have gone more than I needed on the noise refuction because all the shots are cropped and enlarged. Speeds shot were from 1/400 to 1/800th of a second with no VR.

These were shot with a Tammy zoom which is very sharp on my aps-c cameras @ 500mm, but I will also post some shots with several Nikon lenses @ 500mm later on so we can see if there is much of a difference. The Tammy 200-500mm is manual focus only using the FT-1.

Below are jpgs which will load faster for you, click on the first one to start the slide show, if you click options, you can download the 1800 pix images, or just enlarge it to view @ 1800 pix.

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    I setup my Nikon 300mm F4 with Nikon TC17, and Tamron 200-500mm on the same V1 and FT-1 at ISO 100 mounted on 18 pound tripod. Hand focused each lens carefully and allowed 10 seconds before each shot. The Tammy won hands down. I shot a car that was about 150 yards away. Cropped 1/10 (387x259 pixels) of the original image on each shot of the license plate on the car, and then blew the cropped image up ten times.

    I added these 4 shots to the link above for anyone that is interested in seeing how good the Tammy 200-500mm performs when well focused on a solid tripod with the V1. It works equally as well on my D300 and D7000, but with the happy addition of auto-focus.

    Nikon 300mm F4 with TC17


    Tammy 200-500mm zoom @ 500mm


    This is applicable to the Nikon V1 format only which magnifies the loss of sharpness. The TC17 on the APS format is so close to the Tammy Zoom that the difference is of no consequence. Bottom line is that tele-converters are not highly desirable on the Nikon 1 system.
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