compact bag for D7000 + 18-140 VR

vaibhav_aroraD40vaibhav_aroraD40 Posts: 26Member
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I'm looking for a camera case for the D7000+18-140 VR lens. Camear plus lens Dimensions should be similar to D7000+18-105. Additionally the bag would carry the Sb-400 flash. It's to be a compact bag used for light hiking, walkabout photography usage for extended periods (7-8 hours or so).

I already have a larger lowepro bag (AW 202) that I can store other things (additional lens , battery charger, etc) in. The only reason to look for an additional bag is to keep things compact. Something that fits the camera + lens + flash is sufficient.

I was looking at the Crumpler 4 million dollar home for $70 at Adorama / Amazon. Also saw an Ape case holster here for a lot less :

Any views on these?

Thank you


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