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I've got my D7100 manual and yes, I'm working on reading it. I'm more of a visual learner and enjoy some videos by Jared Polin. I was wondering you you guys have any particular videos you would like to recommend.
I know that getting out and shooting is a big key to learning and until I can get out and about, I want to watch some videos and practice some around the house.

So, what are your favorite video tutorials? I know, it's a pretty broad category! I need to learn the basics!
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    You can try the Nikon D7100 Digitutor

    Be patient with yourself. Learning some of this stuff, let alone mastery, can take some time.

    PS - Adorama TV has a bunch of videos that can help you get started about thinking more about how you do your photography, for example, the series with Mark Wallace (usually a Canon shooter, but try not to hold that against him) -
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    Check out this training program for the D7100. It was just released in December.

    Tuner photography offers many training and photo workshops.
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    Some people think you learn by reading the manual end to end - I dont. I am more motivatet to learn new things if I know what I want to do. I want to do X. That leaves me with problem a. Google "how to solve problem a" - and you are on your way :-)

    Trying to understand everything before doing anything does not work for most people. Trying to do something and then solving the problems as you go seems to work better for most :-)

    What do you want to do?
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    While videos are great, various camera clubs have a lot to offer. Most members are willing to give lengthy discussions on the techniques they use to capture images. And, if one has questions these are often answered by many different perspectives similar to those of us on NRF.

    But, the important aspect of learning is to shoot images. As I have said before…shoot about 1-200 images with one prime lens, maybe even limiting ISO to 100. Go to the limits of shutter speeds…very slow, and aperture, wide open. Do you own critique of the images, then throw all but one or two in the trash. Shoot at night, early AM, multiple venues, but shoot images. And, one can do this in a room……especially if one has a pet.

    Then go to the videos and learn how to improve on the basics. Now, the fact you are seeking out a lot of advice on the Forum suggests you want to learn….and this is critical. Good luck.
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    Thanks guys! This should keep me busy for a while!
    I really like what you have to say @Msmoto because I have found that as I watch the videos with camera in hand, I've got to pause, digest, and take some pictures.
    I've got no pets, but I do have a 15 year old and an 11 year old. Yesterday, I did take some pictures of a little figure of Albert Einstein to see if I could get the bokeh background. I'm using the kit lens (18-105) and was able to focus on Albert and get the background fairly blurry and then I focused on the background and Albert was blurry. I played around some with ISO, shutter speed, and aperture too.

    I tend to be a bit all over the place so having a video helps me at least some sort of direction.
    learning DSLR with D7100 18-105mm and 35mm F/1.8. I also love my little Nikon Coolpix AW100! and
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    i found quick pro is good to learn the features of the camera
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