Any hints on F-mount mirrorless?

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I am a long time Nikon user having started with Nikon when having bought a FE-2 ages ago. Since that time I've gone through many generations and have accumulated a lot of nice lenses. Last year for traveling light I purchased an Olympus OM-D. My idea was to use it for traveling and as a backup only but I have to admit that I really love the way this camera works and having a "real" live view that's not messed up by a mirror...
I wonder if there is any hope or if there are any rumors that hint to a "fullframe mirrorless F-mount camera". I love all the glass I have but honestly do not see any sense in having a mirror anymore, now that the viewfinders have become that good.
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    Many think the mythical D400 might be mirrorless, others say it will be the following generation. Many would argue that the EVF has not yet become "that good" for sports, fast action, BIF, low light, high light, basically the extremes. Is it "very good"? Yes. Will it replace OVF soon? Probably not.
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    There have not been any rumors, just speculation, so at this point there isn't much to discuss on the matter. Nikon seems to be happy to keep it's mirrorless offerings in the CX range.
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    My Olympus is awaiting an adapter which allows full auto function with my Nikon F mounts….but I am not holding my breath.

    If you hang around NRF you will find out my opinion is Nikon will eventually have a mirrorless DX or FX camera which accepts all the F mount lenses with a fully automatic adapter. So, together we are on the same track.
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