D7000 Batteries and chargers

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Got a D7000 for Christmas and have just accumulated a second battery. As I am going away in a few months time and trying to travel with as little as possible I don't really want to take the original Nikon charger plus cable x 2. Does anyone know of a decent dual charger? I have seen a couple on Amazon but from reviews they don;t sound too good. I have seen the Pearstone one which looks perfect and just would be perfect as I could use it to charge my iPhone too but I cannot find a UK distributor for it and it's expensive for just that plus $40 shipping fee to the UK and then I dread to think of the Import charge on it.

Any thoughts?



  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,536Moderator
    You will not need to charge both batteries at once I'm sure. If you start the day with a full battery you will not exhaust it - unless you are using live view or shooting movies all day. A battery lasts a day easily for normal photography. If you use an eye-fi SD card, turn it off until you need it.
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  • I feel I've missed something here - if both batteries are for the same camera, why do you need two chargers?
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    Buy a third battery. This way you can always carry a fully charged spare, and come home to a happy solid light.
  • rctneilrctneil Posts: 39Member
    For the type of trip I am doing I will exhaust a battery in a day. I have done in the past so want to make sure I am prepared this time. I will be using Live View for quite a lot of the time and will be shooting quite a few videos too.

    Please can you reccommend a good dual battery charger or let me know if you know of a good UK distributor for the Pearstone one.
  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    I would stick with the Nikon charger for a variety of reasons. If you are going to burn through batteries, get more batteries.
  • rctneilrctneil Posts: 39Member
    Yeh, but having more batteries still means I need to charge them. Due to travelling I will only be able to charge them up overnight and not during the day. It's a pain but thats how it goes so having a dual charger will allow me to make sure I have two full batteries each day
  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    Use a second Nikon charger then. Here are the variety of reasons. Having two chargers rather than one assures you'll have at least one working charger. Two smaller items are easier to pack and can be split up in case luggage is lost/delayed. I wouldn't trust my Nikon batteries to a 3rd party charger. You could cook them or insufficiently charge them, or shorten their life considerably. Shall I keep going? :-)
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    Ok, Point taken. Does make sense. Is there some form of adaptor I can use so I don;t have to use the long stupid cable they provide. Something like a UK plug that the charger plugs into and then it fits straight into a plug socket. Pretty much exactly like the adaptors you get with a Macbook. The small plugs you connect to the power brick so you do not require the long lead.
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    Found this at B&H. Pearstone Duo Battery Charger for Nikon EN-EL15. Also comes with a cord for the car. But I'm with Ironheart on this. I have only one charger and have no problem keeping two batteries charged (a second charger would be nice though).
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    That's the one I was originally talking about, but it is waaay to expensive to buy and get it shipped to the UK. and actually IronHarts comment has actually made me want to stick with the official Nikon charger.

    I just could do with a small adaptor for it rather than the long original cable it comes bundled with.
  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    A battery grip would let you use AA batteries. You can then choose disposable or rechargeable. This would give you a second charger with more options.
  • rctneilrctneil Posts: 39Member
    I think I will buy a second MH 25 and a couple of half meter figure 8 power cables. That should do the trick nicely.
  • JJ_SOJJ_SO Posts: 1,158Member
    I tried to use the Apple plug adaptors (you can change the plug type of their transformers for iPad etc.). That's working for Canon battery bay, but the Nikon MH25 is a bit different. I would have benefitted several times I was in the UK. But the connector would need to be 1/8" longer to fit in. Maybe I sacrifice one of the two and mill some space in the box. I just failed to open the charger (it's forbidden anyway) and am afraid to destroy it.
  • rctneilrctneil Posts: 39Member
    I too tried one of the apple adaptors. It worked but not an amazing fit, Just gonna go for a couple of 0.5m figure 8 cables. That'll work perfectly
  • JJ_SOJJ_SO Posts: 1,158Member
    My good news: It's working. My bad news: but not for UK plugs :( sorry. Now I'll isolate the hole and have one cable less to step over.

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