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    With the pro account you carry on getting unlimited storage and no adverts at the same price it' was.

    The new paid account with no ads is twice the price with limited although to be honest, enough storage.

    Everything else I believe is the same with the free account.

    Personally I'm happy paying for what I was paying for anyway and not having any ads.

    If you end the subscription there's no going back :-( but I imagine a lot of people will switch to free accounts.
  • GitzoGitzo Posts: 174Member
    I've been hearing about Flickr's "new look" for a while now, so today I finally took a look; it looks great, but it's just as user-unfriendly as it ever was, maybe even worse. My big problem is, because of where we live, we have the slowest, worst internet connection there is; and that's already caused me a lot of grief, trying to figure out how to navigate the "new look"; I tend to despise things that keep changing every few weeks; ( like my yahoo changes every few minutes ! )
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    Got an email back from Flickr which said:
    So after a little deliberation, I went ahead and it the undo button....if you get my meaning :P
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    It's interesting that the new paid accounts don't have stats!

    Can't really think why not though?
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  • hawkdl2hawkdl2 Posts: 56Member
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    I think they are no longer offering new pro accounts, but have stated that they will continue to allow existing pro accounts to continue, with the annual fee. Of course all that means is it is just a matter of time before they discontinue them altogether.

    Rather, "new" pro accounts will not have the same features as old grandfathered pro accounts.
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  • itsnotmeyouknowitsnotmeyouknow Posts: 481Member

    Agree....I want it to open on my photostream and have a useful menu. It looks like they tried to copy 500px in some respects.

    Reminds me of a comment from my instructor in 1965..."They tried so hard to be different they forgot to be good."
    I was using 500px, and they have also recently done a revamp. The most interesting change (which they have NOT informed me about is the change to the rights of usage. They have copied Instagram's policy and now it is a 500px license where you the author licence the image to 500px who have the right to use and sell the image with no payment to you the author (although it does still give you the copyright, you are basically giving them a licence and paying THEM for it.

    I have emailed to complain.
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    I actually don't mind Flickr much on the web- it's not any worse than before, just different. Getting the exif data is actually easier on the Flickr app than it is on the web. It's buried in there somewhere, but still doable.

    What I don't like so much is the sharing. You can't share a link directly to Google Hangouts, which is really stupid. I actually think you could share a link to Dropbox in the past. Why they got rid of that I have no idea. But that defeats the purpose of a Flickr app. I've been using it on a gen 1 Nexus 7. It's actually relatively smooth.
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  • NSXTypeRNSXTypeR Posts: 2,254Member
    Anyone notice the new changes to Flickr to get the Exif info and the sharing?

    I don't mind the extra button presses, but there seems to be less exif info than there used to be.
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  • MsmotoMsmoto Posts: 5,398Moderator
    Flickr has a mind of its own…. I find it more difficult to find what I want now that the system has been changed…..
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  • michael66michael66 Posts: 231Member
    The main one is you get a name instead of a number for your photostream...
    I am not a number, I am a free man.

    Oh, sorry. Wrong forum.
  • michael66michael66 Posts: 231Member
    Has anyone else had issues with images going 'broken' on you, only to have them re-appear later?
  •  DavidJaan DavidJaan Posts: 284Member
    I was dealing well with the changes, but the last overhaul has made it so very unFlickr it's sad. Now I get the warning that I can no longer login with my google account and have to use a email which I refuse to do. So time to find a viable alternative.
  • BesoBeso Posts: 464Member
    Personally I abhor the changes. I participated in the forums prior to the change and it appeared to me that most (a vast majority) taking time to comment didn't like the beta version of the upcoming changes. Nevertheless Flickr changed anyway. In my view the changes that Flickr unilaterally imposed make it more unwieldy to comment or get information. I now have an Ipernity account and will explore other options. Even Getty Images has divorced itself from Flickr. I find all this sad as Flickr was (emphasis on was) a very user friendly site. Now, not so much. What is even more disturbing is Flickr doesn't appear to be listening to its customer base, the people that make Flickr viable in the first place.
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  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,522Moderator
    Wow the Exif is tedious to read.

    Jeez Flickr, it wasn't broke before but you 'fixed' it until it was!
    Always learning.
  • ThomasHortonThomasHorton Posts: 323Member
    I am not a fan of the last few versions of Flickr. But since it is not only free but not costing me anything, I really can't complain. :)

    I think the people who have paid memberships shoud have options for choosing how Flickr displays their stuff.

    But for freeloaders like me it is take it or leave :)
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  • blandbland Posts: 812Member
    I've noticed they've continued to update Flickr over the weekend and it's getting a lot better. There's arrows in the top right corner of the picture and when you click them the picture expands into high resolution. You can then go through the other pictures in high res by hitting the next arrow, really neat. The exif info is basic but it does give the important stuff.
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