Bye Nikon



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    I tried those kind of photos yesterday with the d800 and 50mm.

    Today was supposed to be a family day around Chicago but Today was another humid and bad day for me. I had to leave the d800 and 50mm at home because I had the baby, diaper bag and I had a pinched nerve. The camera bag alone was too much weight. However the trusty phone the HTC one came in handy.

    I started out with a Kodak and Fuji digital camera and maybe it's time to go back to Fuji.

    I'll try to post one if yesterdays photos in the pad once I get a chance to edit. Look for a chunky baby.
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    Can you transfer all the lighting equipment? I thought you had some off camera triggers- do they work?

    I don't see a reason for a great goodbye drama, just stop by as you you always have and everybody is happy. I want to see the 35 mm portraits of your girl and the backgrounds, that'll be a challenge from the short distance.
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    Benji, all my lighting gear works. I'm mainly using LP160s and recently got a pair of Cactus V5 triggers that works great. The trigger is so light that I hardly notice it on the camera, even when it's a small camera like this. They also sync up to 1/1000 thanks to the leaf shutter lens. That in combination with the built-in ND filter makes my work as an off camera lighting photographer a lot easier.
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  • VipmediastarVipmediastar Posts: 55Member
    I was finally able to add my baby's photo in the pad. I didn't use flash for that series. I used 50mm and 85mm. Next time I'll use the 35mm end of the 24-70
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    Coming her to say it, means you are not going far. You'll be back :-)
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    I just found out that Fuji has a camera and lens bundle sales. I'm going to go test one at a local shop. Xe1 and 35mm 1.4 I read it's pretty good. Maybe with a Nikon mount adapter ill keep the 85 and 50 and sell the d800 24-70 combo.
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    @Slakjaw, 14 posts and you are ready to go? Did we scare you off? :(
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    Well I tested the xe1 and 35 1.4 and I liked it. It will be a diffrent setup for sure but the weight alone was gold. For street this would be top choice along with the sigma 35 1.4 the most recent photo from SquamishPhoto was very impressive.

    I tested the x20 and xpro 1 and a customet had the x100s. Overal nice cameras but the I think the higher detail would be appreciated more the Nikon full frame.
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