Wireless Remote Shutter Release

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Was interested in getting a device like this and have come across a few to go with, but before I pull the trigger wanted to know what other are using.

Here are the two that I was considering:

Vello FreeWave Plus Wireless Remote Shutter Release - 2.4GHz (for Nikon)
RFN-4s Wireless Remote Shutter Release for Nikon DSLR

Thanks for your input...cheers.
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    Hi Golf007sd -
    I use the Vello Wireless Shutterboss. I am very happy with it and it works flawlessly on my D800.
    Occasionally a decent image ...
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    Me too. It has a different branding in Europe, but it's the same thing.

    One of the cons is that it doesn't have anything to protect the shutter button, and the remote can't be switched off either. I accidentially found a small plastic piece that fits over it exactly, and I'm taping it onto the shutter button for transport. A rather improvised construction. That's the only part that sucks about it, the rest is splendid, everything works perfectly.

    The RFN-4s prominently features that slider that goes over the shutter release button...
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    I am using the Nikon WR-R10/WR-T10/WE-A10 combination, and it hasn't failed me in any way yet.

    A few niceties; it works for me over quite some distances (75-100ft), and you have the designated Fn button. Meaning whatever you have programmed the Fn button on the camera to, the remote can do as well. Finally there is just something about using Nikon equipment with Nikon cameras. The only non-Nikon utility I have is the Solmeta GeoTagger Pro 2, and that's just because the Nikon GPS is crap:)
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    ...The only non-Nikon utility I have is the Solmeta GeoTagger Pro 2, and that's just because the Nikon GPS is crap:)
    It would become probably a bit more crappy genuine Nikon accessories once we start a new thread ;)

    Thanks @Msmoto that's what I always wanted to look for but kept forgetting. When abroad and taking the CamRanger for a walk I remembered it. Good you brought that up.

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    Oh, and I use my Vello a lot...especially when the camera is at the top of the monopod being held over head. I use hook and loop fastener to hold the transmitter. I have to remember to turn it on of course...LOL.

    And, I also have the hard wired remote from Nikon which is possibly a bit more cumbersome, but totally reliable. It does cost a lot more than the Vello, however if one has the extension to get it up to the top.
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    The connecting nut to fasten the connection of remote-plug into socket is one of the really poorly designed items on the body, especially with the cable of the GPS-receiver. They should have designed a bayonet.
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    I've just picked up an RFN-4rx. This has the same transmitter as the RFN-4s but the receiver is larger (just long enough to take a AAA battery) and matchbox shaped. It fits into the hot shoe or clips onto the camera strap and connects to my D800 by a coiled flex. It seems to work fine, half press works exactly like a half press on the shutter button, full press operates the shutter. The coiled cord is detachable so with alternative cords it should operate other brands of camera.

    Manufacturer is smdv.co.kr
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    I'm having trouble with a fairly new RFN-4s on my D800. It doesn't seem to stay active on standby (red ready light goes out), and once it's shuts down It doesn't fire from the remote. (My transmitter shows a blue light.) I can't seem to find any online help from SMDV (Korean) and am hoping that someone has found a reason/solution. Is the newer RFN-4rx more reliable than the RFN-4s, or is something bad with my set?
    This system came highly recommended.
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    I had the same issue. Return it/replace it. My new one works better. If this one fails again I shall get the vello shutter boss next. Otherwise the RFN-4s is a great option

    (possibly a bad batch, my replacement came from a different seller on amazon)
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    I have no need for an extra remote shutter release system.

    I use the Yongnuo YN-622N transceiver + YN-622N-TX. You can do everything with it.
    The YN-622N-TX comes also with a cable for the D600.
    Remote trigger or shutter release, Nikon FP for compatible flashes (not the SB800), even has a AF light (for my D600). Till now, I never missed a shot with it.



    Cost me, 2 x YN-622N - $ 80.-, the YN-622N-TX - $ 46.-
    Got it here: http://thephotogadget.com/products/yongnuo-yn-622n-tx-lcd-wireless-i-ttl-flash-controller-trigger-nikon-cameras-includes-n1
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    The only time had an issue with mine was when the battery in the remote was to weak to work. I replace it the unit work fine from their on. Also make sure that unit and remote are on the same frequency. If the problem continues...replace it.
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    Hi All I have a D7100 and a wireless remote shutter release. The problem is the connector into the camera sticks out straight and does not allow for a portrait mount of the camera for Pano's etc. Question?
    Is there a right angle cable that I can use or am I stuck getting an extension block ala RRS or other such devise. I would prefer the cable smaller lighter than another bit to loose. Thanks R
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    Pocket Wizard plus 111 with cable which goes into the ten pin connector. As the advantage that if camera is a sleep, it wakes it up and takes the shot, downside is the cable is extortion money,and none PW cables do not work. I tried.
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    I've been using the Vello Freewave for a couple of years. Works great and the range is really nice!
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    Try to stay with a Nikon releases if you can otherwise you will find yourself replacing them every 24 to 30 months or so. Usually what goes first is the cable itself with fraying around the socket. I have gone through about 9 since 2005. I have tried them all from Matin, to Vello, and Vivitar. Since 2010 I've stuck with Nikon and haven't had a problem since. You can either spend the $75~$250 and get a release for a decade or spend $15-$35 and replace it every 2 years.

    The only time I would stray from Nikon is for a special purpose item such as a lightning trigger, which Nikon does not make.
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