D7100 vs. EOS 70D



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    I also bought a camera to take pictures. I think I have turned on the video 2 times maybe and have no Interest in the video. I wish they would have left it out of the D800 and we might have saved a $1000. Something about a picture that just moves me. Just look at P-A-D, those photos put you right there inside. Video does not do that for me. So as far as the comparing the D7100 vs. EOS 70D I'll skip the video part for now.
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    The D700 cost the same at launch as the D800. You wouldn't have saved a dime if there was no video. Theses cameras are built to a preset price by the marketing department.
    If I take a good photo it's not my camera's fault.
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    @Parke1953 No problem, like most of you I didn't buy a Nikon for video purposes, I'm also more into stills. And I have no abilities to do video and would not change that with that EOS 70D. It's time consuming and doesn't necessarily transport more or better information, emotions and aesthetics than stills do. But I admit, I love great movies, especially the ones with outstanding photography skills of the camera operator.

    But then it's still a bigger buffer, faster fps and remote control with a phone and live view, and once again mentioned, the hated or loved swivel display. Not bad for a stills camera. And how long does it take to manoeuvre the focus area in LV to the desired spot with multidial, and with a simple tap? What is the better thing on the multidial?

    My weakness for swivel displays comes from the years I had to look into the viewfinder from the top and for some pictures I still like that most. My way to compose changed in that time. And I like to choose how I look at the next picture first.

    Oh, and if I interprete your nickname correctly,,you're a bit older than me, a bit older than the guy in the PR video and maybe simply not the target group although your wallet is on Canon's target list, too ;)
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    PB_PM I'm sure you are right.
    JJ_SO Your last bit made me chuckle some, (although your wallet is on Canon's target list, too) well they should give up because I'm looking at the N80-400.
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    They still have hope, I'm afraid :D
    hope dies at last...
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    first time out with mine yesterday ,didn't shoot any video LOL but got a few bird and insect shots along the way,i am totally gobsmacked by the resolution on this nikon and have already renamed it to the D71-0H-OMG.

    its a feather counter thats for sure think i,m gonna love it .my only quirk is the lack of a machine gun burst rate but i can live without it
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    I'm happy for your happiness. But is it necessary to post it here and in the original D7100 thread?
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