Broke lens mount on D600

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Just recently had a bad fall for my D600 with a 24-70 attached. Fell literally 1 ft from being on a bench and tipping to its doom. The lens is fine but the lens mount on the camera itself got torn out albeit partially. It's cracked on the inside for where the metal lens mount is attached to in two areas. Moreover, it's been also slightly wedged out from the impact.

Just wondering if this part is repairable/replaceable? I know that it's gonna cost hundreds but I just wanted a closer figure estimate... Nikon repair service phonelines wont be up again till their normal hours. Really need it for an event I'm helping photograph next weekend.


Will post photos of the heartbreaker lates.



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    Sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident...yes the mount is replaceable. However, if it is more of the front body and not the metal mount itself, then that is the part they will address. You are probably looking in the $350-$400 (US) in repair bill. I would not try to take the lens off as it could cause more damage...use your best judgment. Also be cautious in using it in areas with high winds and such...their is a possibility of getting more dust or unwanted objects on the sensor.

    Good luck...
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    Bad news. If you ask for a repair cost on the Nikon web site they will respond with one. But don't be surprised if when you send it in they come back with a different cost. That just happened to me and the cost was $45 more.
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    I think this problem occurred in another thread on NR somewhere. IIRC the repair price was less expensive than a lot of us thought it would be. It is not an uncommon problem, and that shouldn't sound negative because it seems the sacrificial nature of the mount saves the bill being much higher and you get you camera thoroughly checked out following a fall. I know one guy who regularly drops his D700 and never gets it checked 'because it is built like a tank and it still works OK' and so doesn't notice/care/acknowledge that there could be something out of whack in his lens or body now.
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    From one of our members who was at the meeting..., Ben V...

    I got my baby back! Here the list of things they did to her.

    Replace Front Body
    Replace Mirror Box
    Replace Reflex Mirror
    Adjust Mirror Angle
    Adjust Body Flange Back
    Adjust Auto Focus Operation
    Checked Meter Accuracy
    General Check & Clean

    Im still feeling so lucky that only cost me 250 bucks.

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    Just wanted to clarify that it was the inside that was actually cracked. Not the front body. Is this still do'able/repairable in the ~250 price point as experienced from the previous person? I couldn't find out where exactly his lens mount broke off (he didn't indicate the exact area rather)


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    We can only guess, you can send or take it in to your nearest service centre for a free quotation though...
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    Yowza... Just got a quote from the service center in Mississauga Ontario...

    $600 bones.

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    I have to say it may be worth shopping around - $600!!!!
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    Sounds about right for a major repair. Nikon Canada will often charge more than Nikon USA, simply because the cost of parts is different depending on the distributor. Same reason a repair in Europe could cost more.

    The entire mirror box and front plate look like they would need replacement. The AF system is likely out of alignment as well. This is why I don't touch these cameras that have plastic mirror boxes. I've dropped my D700 and the D300 I had a number of times and never had problems, and yes I have had Nikon check the cameras. Mounting heavy lenses on a metal mount that is screwed into plastic a recipe for disaster.
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    My D7000 has gone down with a 300mm onto cement as with an 28-70mm... Nobody wants to admit it but the D600 was built to a slightly lower standard than the D7000...
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