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    :)) =))
    Always learning.
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    Don't feed the Trolls

    just ignore him
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    LOL funny but come on guys.. no more playing with the kids. Teach them respect by giving respect :-) ..
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    Civility please. I don't stay on, or contribute, to groups which degenerate to a lot of name calling. Focus on the issue which is the need for a D800.

    I bought a D800 because I was irresistibly seduced by megapixel comparison to medium format and I was amazed at its abilities when I used it. This is truly a great camera and I think it will be a classic because it is the first FX sensor which can reasonably be compared to medium format even beating MF in DxOmark sensor scores; sort of a "MF lite camera." The D700 was also a classic because it was the first inexpensive FX body: sort of a "D3 image quality for half the price camera." The D600/610 will also be a classic because of its low price/high sensor quality; sort of a "best bang for the FX buck" camera. All three are great cameras in their own ways but the D700 is a great last generation camera while the D800 and the D600/610 are great current generation cameras.

    But as to need for a D800. I think I will sell mine even though I love it dearly and hate to see it go. Honestly, I just don't need what it can do. I am not printing anything larger than poster size (24 inches by 36 inches) and honestly I don't think I will ever have any reason to do so. The 24mp in my D600 gives me adequate room to crop and adequate image quality and adequate ability to print poster size. The only things I would honestly miss are the faster focusing module, the larger focus area, and the "pro" control layout (the first two may be fixed in the D610). I hate to admit it but in all honesty when I grab a camera now my first instinct is to grab that D600 because it does more than I know I need for the use to which the photo will ever be put. Also, I do have to admit that I am intrigued to see if these "dust spots" will ever return so I am trying to run up the shutter count in my limited time to take photos! It is like an experiment to me.
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    Just went for a run and thought about this thread. Slakjaw and/or kstyle (and I don't know if you're the same person but you're kind of acting the same), I would disagree with your assessment that 90% of threads here feature deleted users. I've been participating in this forum for five years (including one as a lurker only) and can only think of one or two members other than spammers who were deleted.
    While I have neither the knowledge nor experience that many people here have, I have never felt that I couldn't contribute a well considered opinion to a discussion. I've asked questions, some of them dumb, and have never gotten anything but helpful answers. In the instances where I've said things others have disagreed with, that's been handled with a lot of respect. Maybe it has something to do with the way I approach things.
    But the bigger issue is people's reaction to you. It's fine to have opinions. Everyone on this forum has them. Some I think are more well informed than others. Some, in my opinion, are nuts. But I've seen very few people come on here, lay down a controversial statement, then say, "prove me wrong." Imagine doing that in real life? Would you walk up to a photographer in the street who was shooting with D800 and say, "My D700 is way better than your camera. Now prove me wrong."? I can guarantee you'd be dismissed as way more than a troll.
    I'm interested to hear why you think a D700 is a better body than a D800. Prior to my buying my D800, I strongly considered a low mileage D700, but in the end I made the choice I did based on a lot of factors, including the opinions of many on this forum. But if you have sound reasoning that can support your opinion (articles, respected photographers who share your opinion, etc.), I'm sure we'd all be willing to listen.
    But if you just come in here all full of bluster but very little substance, you're going to be dismissed. It's pretty much true for forums like this and for life in general.
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    The D600... will also be a classic...
    The D600 will go down in history as the dusty camera that Nikon replaced as fast as they could. No other FX body has been replaced so fast. ;)
    If I take a good photo it's not my camera's fault.
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    slackjaw2: I am neither an "angry old man" or an "angry old woman" but I, for one, am glad you are "taking your ball and going home" because the tone of your postings is unacceptably uncivil.
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    It's been quite the week here. I attribute it to the full moon.
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    Hey guys... I doubt we will see the troll at least for awhile. But, if you suspect someone like the one recently has returned under a different name, please PM one of the mods. Thanks
    Msmoto, mod
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    Hey guys... I doubt we will see the troll at least for awhile.
    Many thanks

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