Fake Photographer Scams Wedding Couples out of $140 K

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This story caught my eye today where a man is accused of scamming 38 couples out of $140,000 for fees rendered and then not delivering the wedding photos. That works out to about 4k per wedding or so!



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    What a sleezeball. Stories like this are what drive me to protect my work as it is people like this who steal work to sell a client and scam them... I cant tell from the story if he "shot" the event or if he just took the money on hand...
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    Yes that's an interesting question, was he even a photographer? Did he actually shoot the weddings? I think he did but perhaps it was half-assed then simply ran off never delivering them. He was paid upfront for each scam as well. Its comforting to know that at least he was caught.
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    Stories like this make me think I could actually make it in professional photography, since I hear so many horror stories and even mediocre / somewhat disappointed stories and know I've done better for friends for free.
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