Any Nikon enthusiast left on NRF ?

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Any Nikon enthusiast left on NRF ?

This might seem an odd question to ask on a Nikon Forum

but lately, I am wondering if i'm the only person left here who actually think Nikon and their cameras are GREAT

recently a new member was greeted with the following quote

Nikon currently has very little credibility,

No, not from a troll but from a Moderator

If people were moaning about first hand experiences, cameras actually they own , or equipment that really existed, I would understand

but NRF seems to be attracting more than its fair share of posters, whose mission in life seems to be to knock Nikon

So just for the record, I think Nikon in general and their D800 in partially are great

I appreciate some of you cant afford a D800 or an up to date computer to go with it

but is that really Nikon's fault

So I ask again

Any Nikon enthusiast left on NRF ?

O and please don't tell me about what you have heard about oil spots on a certain Nikon; there is a very simple solution

( no, not the D610) Just get the tried and tested D800 ; too many Mega what not's, for your hard drive? just shoot jeps or just be a bit more vicious with the delete button

As ever don't take my post too seriously. I just wanted to get that off my chest

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  • No_OrchestraNo_Orchestra Posts: 13Member
    I've had a D3000 since 2010, and while I'm starting to feel its limitations pretty severely, I've been nothing but happy with it as a starter-camera. Over the last few years, I've added some nice, but affordable lenses to my collection besides the 18-55 kit lens it came with (I've since added the 50mm 1.4G and the 70-300mm 4-5.6 to my bag) and have been really happy with the versatility they offer. I'm basically set up to take just about any shot I'd want to take at this stage for a little less than $1500.

    I'll be upgrading to either a d7100 or a d610 in the next few months and will have zero trepidation about sticking with Nikon's stuff. Maybe if you're a pro and relying on your gear for an income there's some stuff to bitch about, but I'm a happy camper even on the lowest end of the gear spectrum.
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    Maybe if you're a pro and relying on your gear for an income there's some stuff to bitch about .
    Thank you for your positive post Orchestra

    Although somewhat retired, I think I might be classed as a pro
    I have absolutely nothing to bitch about
    My D800 like my Nikon Fs' is a joy to use
    and in nearly 50 years Nikon has never let me down

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    I think the fact is that Nikon in their treatment of the D600 issue has lost credibility for the immediate time. For sure, a new camera would need to be tested before purchase as the problems do not seem IMO to be dealt with in a very business like manner.

    Does this mean I would jump ship...not a chance. While I do not know of all the problems over at the C.... group, I think they have handled the issues in something similar to Nikon. Some issue about the lens release I think it was.

    I remain a firm Nikon enthusiast, but with the caveat to anyone, to see how things go with a new release rather than be burned. It would be my opinion that Nikon needs to do an inventory of their own behavior in regards the D600 issue.

    And, I just finished a two hour night image, with a D800E which will be going up to a 65" tall print. The file size after processing is 1.49GB.

    I would not have the slightest idea how to do this with anything other than a Nikon....

    I remain.....the one who will tell it like it is.....oh, I mean, tell it like I see it....or, say what I think...oh, shucks...

    And, I qualify this post with this :))
    Msmoto, mod
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    There is a big difference between enthusiast and fanboy. :)

    Regarding D800, I think most people here would agree it's a great camera.

    Regarding D600, I think most people here would say to avoid it.

    The key here, is being objective instead of blindly trusting whatever one is fed.

    People complain because they care about the products and think the company should operate a better way. Personally, I think I had my fair share of complaints. However, I haven't given Canon a serious thought. On the other hand, I hope Nikon doesn't take it for granted.

    When people don't complain anymore, that's when a company should be most afraid. Because customers would have simply moved on.
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    Heck yeah !! eleventy !

    Don't see any reason to jump ship from Nikon currently. I am thinking of upgrading my D5100 body to a D7100, however. I would then just give the 5100 to one of my relatives and let them go take really nice pictures with it. The 7100 just has features and ergo that I'm becoming more comfortable with, courtesy of the D7000 I also have.
    - Ian . . . [D7000, D7100; Nikon glass: 35 f1.8, 85 f1.8, 70-300 VR, 105 f2.8 VR, 12-24 f4; 16-85 VR, 300 f4D, 14E-II TC, SB-400, SB-700 . . . and still plenty of ignorance]
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    I think the fact is that Nikon in their treatment of the D600 issue has lost credibility for the immediate time

    Regarding D600, I think most people here would say to avoid it. -

    Yet another thread is being taken over by the nay sayers :)

    but do ether of you have first hand experience of the D600

    And one big question ???? according to the D600 poll many people who did had a problem with the D600 did not bother to return the product. why? because they never had one in the first place

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    I think Nikon is on target with its various camera.

    The D7100 seems to be a great camera for that price point. I haven't read any issues on it and people seem to be very happy with it.

    The D800 did have the left focus issue last year but that got fixed. Everybody loves that camera and I wouldn't give mine up for anything.

    The D4 is doing well for its market. I have read someplace, maybe here, that people where moving away from cannon to nikon in the pro market. Supposedly their is now a better balance between Nikon and Cannon shooters.

    The D600, everybody's favorite topic. I don't think as a whole this is a bad camera. I have read a lot of comments if it wasn't for the dust issue people would keep that camera. Nikon seems to have placed that camera in a good spot and it is attracting buyers. Those people who have got one seems to love it and would keep it if it wasn't for the dust issue.

    Nikon releasing a D610 to avoid admitting they have an issue is shady to me. Nikon knows how to build a good camera but like a lot of companies there PR sucks. I think people should let Nikon know that this type of behavior will not be tolerated and only serves to hurt there reputation. The question everybody has to ask themselves is if the way Nikon has handled the D600 issues is bad enough for them to jump ship? I don't think anybody is at that point yet unless this starts to become a common occurrence. It also seems that Nikon has more issues with FX cameras over DX. Are FX users more critical of their cameras then DX?
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    I think the fact is that Nikon in their treatment of the D600 issue has lost credibility for the immediate time

    Regarding D600, I think most people here would say to avoid it. -

    Yet another thread is being taken over by the nay sayers :)

    but do ether of you have first hand experience of the D600
    Seven, I know it's Friday evening in Britain and I think you brought this topic and try to argue for argument sake. So I will refrain from debating you today unless you insist. :) But my suggestion, be objective. :)
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    I'm not a fanboy for Nikon, so I'll say what I, or other photographers I know and trust, have experienced. If that makes me a naysayer in some peoples eyes, tough luck Charlie.

    I'm a photography enthusiast first, and I just happen to use Nikon equipment, nothing more. My enjoyment of photography has not been hindered by issues with Nikon equipment, for the most part. I think there is a big difference between seeing something for what is, and thinking it's the best thing since sliced bread. Nikon does make some very good cameras, but does that mean I think they are the greatest camera company in the world? There was a time that I did, but I've come to see that fanboy thinking is rather childish. It's far better to have an open, objective look at all options. For now Nikon offers me the best value, since I have built a system of equipment around their cameras. Does that mean I would never consider switching to another brand if Nikon no longer offered me the best value? Not a chance. If another brand offered something. I needed, and Nikon did not respond with so something similar in a timely fashion (1-2 years), I would at the very least consider switching to another system.
    If I take a good photo it's not my camera's fault.
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    + 1 to all who said that it is better to be objective and not subjective. I happen to own a D600 which has problems with spotting. Prior to that I owned a D90 for 3 yrs. and never had complaints about the spotting. I think all the people posting in NR are nikon enthusiasts or why else would they visit let alone post here? The thing is, they produced a bad tomatoe and instead of addressing the real problem they just covered it up. Now that made it worse. i love taking pictures with nikon cameras but I dont like what they did to D600 owners. Now would that make me a non nikon enthusiast? Remember sevencrossing quality is better than quantity and nikon should re evaluate how they handle their nikon enthusiast customers. Just saying..
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    I love all my Nikon gear. It's not that I'm invested in Nikon glass, I like everything about my Nikon cameras. I've always loved photography and decided 4 years ago to finally invest in my passion. I didn't ask anyone which brand was best, I researched and then tried a few bodies to see what felt best to me. Nikon won my heart with ergonomics and professional looks. I've now been through a D5000, D300s, and still have my D700. I also purchased a D800 and D4 which opened up new avenues for my photography. I now own Nikon, Sigma, and Zeiss glass and each has it's own characteristic signature that I love. Do I think Canon is a bad camera? No, but it isn't a Nikon. It's not the name that I like so much. It's the tactile feel, look, and results I've grown so fond of. Would I consider switching to another brand? No, I'm happy where I am. I could have jumped on the bandwagon and went with Canon because we all know, cool people shoot Canon. I guess I wanted to be content, not just another groupie. I agree that the Nikon bashing here is at an all time high. I get tired of seeing post after post about how bad Nikon is. As a matter of fact, I quit reading comments after the first few now because I know where it's going, the same ole points, over and over again. I say, switch if you aren't happy and post your love on another brand forum. Leave us to discuss what we love, photography and Nikon.
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    I'm pretty enthusiastic about Nikon. I'm not happy with all the decisions Nikon have made but I'm okay with my equipment. I get results that I'm happy with. I could do with a greater selection of DX primes (especially the wide stuff), but again, I am no pro and I shoot for my own enjoyment. I would prefer it if Nikon would stick around and offer me products I'd be interested in- stuff like cheaper wide DX primes.

    Would I consider switching? Again, preferably not as I have lenses.

    I'm not personally affected by the D300s replacement as I don't need that sort of camera, but I'd like it if they do release it as it would show continued interest in maintaining the DX line.

    I've been quite happy with the performance with the D7000 so far- I am far, far, far away from optimizing all the settings, especially AF settings, but I feel like it's a camera that I can grow with now.

    I agree with the sentiment that Canon is not a bad camera- technically, you really can't buy a bad camera if you spend over $200 now. It's just a different tool and personally, I prefer Nikon's solution to ergonomics.
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    Got my first Nikon in 1968 and I have loved everyone since then. Sure I am a Nikon enthusiasts. Yes I have helped many people buy film and digital cameras, most but not all got Nikon.

    I would never switch to another manufacture because I also like the feel of the camera and the results I get. Got to admit that I did get negative in the D300 replacement forum, just venting my dissatisfaction that they missed a great marketing opportunity. I am over that now and moved on to a D7100 to enjoy the new technology until a D400 or D810 or D4? arrives.

    Yes I still believe Nikon makes great cameras and fine lens. Still working hard to get a Canon and Pentax buddy to shift to Nikon. Love the challenge but more important, love taking pictures with my Nikon gear. (*)
    D750 & D7100 | 24-70 F2.8 G AF-S ED, 70-200 F2.8 AF VR, TC-14E III, TC-1.7EII, 35 F2 AF D, 50mm F1.8G, 105mm G AF-S VR | Backup & Wife's Gear: D5500 & Sony HX50V | 18-140 AF-S ED VR DX, 55-300 AF-S G VR DX |
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    If you are not a working pro and you have a pro Nikon body and a handful of pro lenses - then you must be a Nikon enthusiast :-) Even a decent DX kit will - in my eyes make you pretty enthusiastic Nikon shooter.

    As for the D600. All Nikon needed to do was to admit to the problem - and fix it. It is not to late to do that. Tell D600 owners that they will fix any problem with the D600. End of story.

    I don´t see how going with another brand will help most people taking better pictures.

    Cameras are tools. And it takes time to to master any tool. But it takes even longer to be a master of photography :-)

    I find my Nikon kit a joy to work with.
  • Vipmediastar_JZVipmediastar_JZ Posts: 1,708Member
    Once you go nikon....
    I hate their customer service. I hate dealing with their repair centers.
    I just like nikon for what it offers to me handling, cls, nanocrystals lol,
    I never liked canon, i tried olympus film it was nice, i tried fuji x system it was nice. I just prefer nikon just like i prefer japanese cars over american (i like the 30-70's only)

    Yeah i love and hate the 24-70. With the d800 its my only lens that hunts for focus, has back focus issue ans locks focus but it is out of focus but doesnt do it all the time. Its going for repair in december but since i got the vip warranty thru adorama they may be handling the scenario.

    I dont use the nikon software but i use it to confirm certain things like color, AF points and testing.

    I beleive they have good products especially the glass.

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    Thing is about Canon is that they're not that much better in terms of customer service. So while I certainly would wish Nikon would just admit the D600 has problems, changing ship doesn't really put you ahead either.

    It certainly bothers me that a future product from Nikon may not get the proper support should things go wrong, but I don't think I'm buying anything in the near future so I'm sort of in the clear for now.
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    @NSXTypeR You are making the assumption that Canon is the only option. There are more options than Canon, but that's not really the point at all. I don't think anyone is arguing that, any, of the big camera makers are any better at customer service. None of them are ranked very high in customer service ratings. In terms of customer service ratings, Better Business Bureaue rates Nikon USA at an "F", while Canon has a "A+" rating, for whatever that is worth. Nikon Canada has an A- rating and Canon Canada has A+ ratings. One could argue that Nikon USA is simply poorly managed.

    The question is, isn't which of them better. To be honest I've never had any customer service issues with Nikon, and I've had cameras and lenses in for service more times than I care to count. Now, what I have noticed is that I tend to receive better service now that I have moved onto higher end gear. Is that fair? Most likely not, but that just seems to be the way things are. It might not even be the amount of gear, but it could just be that the service reps have gotten to know me over time.
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    If I take a good photo it's not my camera's fault.
  • shawninoshawnino Posts: 453Member
    Sure, I'm an enthusiast. I have as much AI and AI-S glass as G glass. I love my D800E. I have a D600 that had no spotting so far (been nine months... think I'm OK). I like that a person can get a very good Nikon lens near $500 in the 85mm 1.8G, and truly excellent glass at less than $1500. Eat that, Leica.

    That said, I'm appalled at the way Nikon treated D600 owners who had the spotting problem. The idea that a grey market lens usually has a shorter warranty is a joke. I feel bad for the Brits who effectively pay in pounds what N. Americans like me pay in dollars. I'm on record as saying I DON'T want Nikon to spend resources developing a new pro DX body, but for those souls with a D300s coughing and wheezing after 200,000 clicks, I can understand that not knowing what to do is a crusher. I think there are several holes in the lens line-up that make Nikon enthusiast-unfriendly (no slow option at 400mm/up, no truly affordable prime [$600-ish] above 85mm...).

    If that draws the accusation that I'm a nattering nabob of negativism, I'm guilty as charged.

  • TaoTeJaredTaoTeJared Posts: 1,306Member
    We are photographers.
    We make decisions of value vs. desire with every purchase.
    We make decisions with the give and takes with every location.
    We make decisions on what is the lesser of multiple evils with every shot.

    We are always trying to get the scales to balance - even with Nikon's products. :)

    Nikon has a long-term game plan and path that sometimes fits perfect to the moment, and sometimes not. Big MP is the future, but the trade-offs at the moment disappoint many. Canon did this in the last iteration of it's releases, and now they feel the pressure to release big MP and fewer and fewer Nikon users are wanting 12mp high iso cameras. We live in the Now and they live for planning for the future. That covers many shooters.

    Then there is the D600 & missing D400... (I will say Canon is missing it's 7D upgrade as well.) There is the disappointment that their mirrorless system has the 2nd smallest sensor while Sony, Canon, Sigma & Pentax (smaller body at least) could figure out how to get a DX sensor in theirs.

    I think why you hear so much complaining is that there are so many who love Nikon and feel that they have not brought their "A" game and want them to do better.

    Words of Bitter Love, not bitter hate.

    D800, D300, D50(ir converted), FujiX100, Canon G11, Olympus TG2. Nikon lenses - 24mm 2.8, 35mm 1.8, (5 in all)50mm, 60mm, 85mm 1.8, 105vr, 105 f2.5, 180mm 2.8, 70-200vr1, 24-120vr f4. Tokina 12-24mm, 16-28mm, 28-70mm (angenieux design), 300mm f2.8. Sigma 15mm fisheye. Voigtlander R2 (olive) & R2a, Voigt 35mm 2.5, Zeiss 50mm f/2, Leica 90mm f/4. I know I missed something...
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    I think the D800 and D800E are amazing cameras. I also continue to surprise myself with the 24-70 f/2.8 and several other nikkor lenses. I have not had anything but prompt and correct service from Nikon USA, and my D800 and I make friends wherever we go together.
    I only regret that they haven't come out with a full frame 36 MP S3 type camera.
    And I still think my F2s are pretty cool even if I can't get Kodachrome anymore.
    Jack Roberts
    "Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought"--Albert Szent-Gyorgy
  • psdragepsdrage Posts: 15Member
    I worked hard and saved for 12 months to get my D7000 and Sigma 24-70 / 70-200. Did what everyone does and researched, choose Nikon for Still performance, friends recommended Canon but I choose Nikon for Colour, Dynamic Range and Ergonomics.

    That said my D7000 drove me mad, spent 12 months failing to get focus, assumed it was me and my technique, which made me work harder. However, it turned out to be a Back Focus Issue. Nikon UK fixed inside of a week. When it came back it was like a new camera. Made me very cross that I had wasted 12 months, but then realised quickly that the struggles had made me better.

    I then decided I wanted to take things further and go full frame. I re-evaluated and looked at Nikon and Canon, but despite the Back Focus Issue it did not change the criteria used.

    The Canon 5DMK3 was nearly my choice, but I found the ergonomics poor for me, in the end I went for the D800 because I loved how it performed and handled. I had heard of a few issues but they did not factor in my decision.

    The thing that caught me out was very quickly having to upgrade the Sigma 24-70 as it was exposed by the awesome performance of the D800. The 70-200 was OK but I took the brave step to just buy both Nikon versions.

    I am not a Nikon Fanboy, I am a best tool for my job / hobby fanboy. At present Nikon does what I need, but I would like to see Nikon add things like in-built WiFi and GPS.

    I think the worse thing about forums are not the nay sayers but those who are jealous because someone has something they want and they think they deserve it more over a noob.
  • macsavageg4macsavageg4 Posts: 75Member
    I completely am digging all my Nikon gear. I am dorking around with the dreaded Canon cameras just because I am curious but not liking how the platform works.

    The whole being able to use 50 year old + Nippon/Nikkor lenses on a current Nikon DSLR has me cemented permanently to the brand/system. From the Nikkormat FTN (my first Nikon) to my Nikon D800 they have all been fun in their own way to shoot.
  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,545Moderator
    OK, I'll bite. It is my opinion that nobody here hates or gratuitously bashes Nikon and many of the posts above make good points. it is my opinion though that it is deep disappointment over how Nikon treats customers that is at fault really. I can forgive them the D600 camera problem, I cannot forgive them for the hideous way they handled it for their customers. If the ensuing s#*t-storm that ensued the event upsets you, don't read it as it is simply our way of getting their attitude changed.
    Always learning.
  • MikeFrewerMikeFrewer Posts: 51Member
    I'm a Nikon Enthusiast, well that's what my wife says. My D7100 is a great camera and I've taken some good pictures with it. (I just can't get my family off the computer long enough to upload any). I took the decision when I bought my D40 to try Nikon cameras. So far I've had no problems with either of them. The D7100 is more than I can handle at the moment, so I have a long learning curve.
    I think that's answered Severns original question :)
  • sevencrossingsevencrossing Posts: 2,800Member
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    I think that's answered Severns original question :)
    Thank you Mike and thanks everyone for all the replies

    A few of you seem to have issues with Nikon's customer service. I am pleased to say I never have had to use their repair service. I have sort there advice on technical issues and found their service first class

    I suspect consumer law in the US many be different to the UK

    In the UK your contract is with the retailer, not the manufacture

    tc88 No, I am NOT a Fanboy ( had to look that up :) ) just an enthusiast

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