If Nikon were to make a new camera what would you be looking for?

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I did a search and this might be close to other threads but not quite. If you were going to buy a new camera what would you be looking for to be released, be realistic. I personally would like to see a couple of cameras released for my purpose.

1. My D700 is probably sufficient but for gear envy I would love to have a D4x, 36 MP or more FF with 6 fps or higher and would like to have 24 MP or more DX with 8fps or higher with a huge buffer (I see 16 MP being the obvious size unless the FF size goes over 36 MP). If I could have this and keep the F8 autofocus points and have a stop better ISO that the current D800 I would be thrilled until I probably chunked down close to $7000 (I hope not more but wouldn’t hold my breath to it).

2. I would love to see a D400 but if the specs on the D400 wouldn’t do much more for me than a D4x in crop mode I wouldn’t bother with it. If I had to dedicate a camera for the DX format I would want 24MP or more, 8fps or higher, f8 autofocus points, and a buffer that could hold more than 15 seconds worth of continuous high shooting. I would hope for a ball park price range of around $2200 but not sure.

3. The surprise that I didn’t expect is the new DF retro camera, honestly I have been wanting a smaller camera with excellent low light ability and decent fps (5.5?). This sort of fits the bill if the current specs are even close. This camera is seemingly smaller than most and if it has the D4 sensor and could possibly do even better in low light situations that would be great. I usually like to be able to print larger than 24”X36” but in low light situations you can blow up a 16MP print and get better results than trying every noise reduction program under the sun to get the noise levels if you use a high ISO setting. I think we will see the price on this sooner than anything else I have listed. Some say that over $2500 and it will be a dud. I see that since you can buy a D800 for just a little more. I do see though it if has the same sensor and can focus at F8 that you got a D4 (crippled) for less than half the price and maybe just a touch better ISO to boot if tweaks have been made. Just to mention though, it is cool about the retro styling but I care more about funtion than body style.

Not everyone needs the same equipment to take the type photos they desire or need, these were just ideas that I might think about buying if Nikon makes it. I like all types of photography and would love a camera that could do it all but honestly that’s just not possible. Night time street photography and shooting wildlife from a distance sometimes doesn’t mix too well.
This is more what you want to see in a camera and being realistic with it. If this thread is a duplicate of another thread if you could post the link it would be appreciated.
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    A D400 would be the most anticipated I believe. Or a D800E variant. No thanks to retro styling myself. But this topic is what would you want. It sure would not be a BIG camera like a D4. Fine when you are shooting, but the carry and the price, no thanks. And for a DSLR camera for me it HAS to have video. Many though express just the opposite. Sure Nikon has to make cameras that make money and many times that means for the masses or mega expensive.
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    Mirrorless, sensor 26mm x 32mm, approximately 20MP, size of D4.
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    I would say a D400 or a new Nikon V3 with a lower price tag and same performance.

    Personally, I would wish they made affordable lenses, but that's a bit of an oxymoron.
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    I would like to see a D700 replacent for when I jump to FF. Something with an AF-on button, 24mp, having the ISO button on the front or top for easier switching than my D7100, video mode is no big deal, and that's all I really want. 8fps would be nice too. But all I really need is nice low light capability
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    Updated D700 with 16MB, no video, twin CF cards, UDMA7, 5-6fps FX, 8DX, Add on bigger battery for better performance, large buffer 40 shot RAW, complete metal sealed body, USB3. $2400ish I'd buy tomorrow.
    I don't want 24 or 36MB's. Built in WIFI would be nice but not necessary.

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    Msmoto, why would you want something mirrorless as big as a D4? It seems to me that mirrorless has NEGATIVES that are offset by small size.

    Which leads to my answer. I would want a Leica equivalent with the short Flange to Focal length (call it FXC for FX Compact) with about a dozen autofocus lens. However, I would settle for the same Flange to Focal length with the current lens lineup.

    I really think that Nikon could do 98% of Leica for half the price if they put their mind to it.
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    The size of the D4 lends itself to my style of shooting. You are correct, jshickle, a flange to sensor distance of maybe 30mm would allow a number of new, wide non-retro focus lenses which IMO would perform better in terms of distortion and CA.
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    Hmmm.....the customer is always right. It never occurred to me that there would be a demand for that. But what exactly do you see in mirrorless. You don't want to look through a viewfinder? Liveview works for that doesn't it? It seems that phase detection autofocus is better with a mirror, though technology may close that gap. It is just that I don't see the upside if the camera is big and see the downsides. Help me on this one.....
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    framer says what I want. 16mpx D700 with the latest firmware an extra stop or 2 6-8fps, and 1/8000 SS... In fact it was the max SS and cheap build that was the dealbreaker for me in the D600. If they had only added even the 1/8000 in the D610 I would have gone for it. If the retro dslr has an optical viewfinder same/similar control as the fm2/f3 and is resonably priced $1600-$2300, I would definitely go for it. For me I am more interested in getting a 10mm f/4 aspherical or 28-200mm f/2.8...
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    A camera that is exactly like the D300s but with improved iso capability, more pixels and top of the line auto focus.
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    I got to try several mirror less cameras today. The one that made most sense to me was a Nikon 1 V2 with a 10-100 lens. That is a nice little camera - very responsive. Nothing beats it in this category.

    The Sony A7 was nice at first - but EVF and AF - no thanks. The A7r was even worse - I would never trade my D800 for that. Maybe a version 2 or 3. But way behind in its category.

    Fujifilms X-E2 with 18-55 was a very nice camera. If I was a D5xxx shooter - I would consider a Fuji. Maybe wait one or to versions but getting close in that category.

    Fujifilm X100s is a very nice little camera. But at the end of the day it is a super sized compact - to big to be a compact and to limited to replace a DSLR. But very nice never the less.

    Getting back to the question - What do I want from Nikon?

    They could and should make a cheaper Nikon 1 V3. And when the tech is there by all means make a hybrid DSLR - OVF/EVF that brings new features.

    P.S: The one camera I would consider as a replacement to my D800 right now is a D4 - Very nice - fast and responsive.
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    PitchBlack The D800 is nearly perfect.

    indeed it is
    just wish it was half the weight and half the size
    O yes a 24mm f 1.4 pancake lens to go with it would be nice
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  • kyoshinikonkyoshinikon Posts: 411Member
    The lack of a 16mpx raw capabailty (Nikon never has had half size raws) and the slow fps are what have kept me from going for the D800 so far. I would like to see a Dslr with focus points more spread out along the whole frame and not just the center. I personally hate evf's and would never go for one. The amount I use my camera it would give me too much eye strain. Also that is just another part to break...
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    The existing line-up satisfies my needs...but I completely agree with @pitchblack that the AF points could be spread out better on FX, even if there were fewer of them.

    So needs aside, what do I want? Why the Coolpix A-plus of course. FX compact to run with Sony RX1. Not really fussed about focal length, anywhere from 28 to 50 floats my boat, agnostic on AA filter, but...
    --f/1.8 lens or better with great bokeh wide open, serious sharpness from, say, f/2.8
    --D4 sensor, good AF
    --built-in viewfinder (not fussed which kind), decent grip
    --System where we can use mostly dials and rarely menus (maybe RX1 is OK for that already?)
    --battery charger/system (serious RX1 shortcoming IMO)

    I'd pay $3K for that. I almost bought the Sony.
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    Pitchblack will get his AF points when DX on DSLRs dies after FX is available for $500. Less than 10 years for sure. Possibly 5.

    I love the Coolpix A-Plus idea that shawnino suggested, except I don't see it anything bigger than a DX sensor as it probably would not fit in my pocket, which is the marketing genius behind the Coolpix A.

    If it does not fit in my pocket, then give me a Nikon version of the Leica, ideally with a shorter flange to focal length which would require a new mount. This is not unprecedented in Nikon's history. I am confident that Nikon could nearly match Leica for less than half the price for lenses and about half for the body if it really put its mind to it. I know that "nearly match" is not match, but include autofocus and I could live with the difference. I don't want to invest in Sony.

    Then I would have always have three cameras:

    -A Coolpix A to put in my suit pocket.
    -The D800 or latest version for when I am serious.
    -The "Neica" when I am just hanging around and want to be discreet.
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    If you had asked me last month, I would have said D610 with proper shutter and 51-pt AF. Today I'm liking this rumored DF, assuming it supports F-mount lenses, and/or has a roadmap for lenses including a wide angle prime and a macro/telephoto. I have long wished DSLRs could have both a larger viewfinder and a smaller body.
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    So, when the D400 DX comes out, we'll all come back here and see how our guesses stack up with reality yes? The mickey will be taken, and credibity will suffer! :-))
    Always learning.
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    I wouldn't mind a fixed 35mm 1.4 (1.2 preferable) camera with FF sensor - something like the coolpix a but with FF sensor
  • MsmotoMsmoto Posts: 5,396Moderator
    RE: AF points...yes, PitchBlack, the placement of these seems in so many cases at the wrong place. Thus, I used single servo and do my eyelash focus, quickly move to reframe, shoot. Then, back to refocus, reframe and shoot. It would be nice to have some points out closer to the edges as with moving subjects shooting at wide aperture, the continuous servo mode may be necessary and reframing is not possible in these situations.
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  • haroldpharoldp Posts: 984Member
    electronic shutter option for faster flash sync
    sensor VR option
    two identical flash cards
    mirror less (short flange) to mount my Leica Lenses.

    36mm square sensor The current lenses would all work) to no longer require switching position (and lights) for portrait / landscape mode

    radio flash communication

    smaller lighter

    .... H

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  • WestEndBoyWestEndBoy Posts: 1,456Member
    haroldp said:

    mirror less (short flange) to mount my Leica Lenses.

    How will you mount your Nikon lenses? I doubt Nikon would introduce an adapter to mount a competitor's lenses. However, if they came out with a new lens mount, that would be interesting.

    I hear you on the square sensor. And a button to do it without going into a menu.
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    ......36mm square sensor The current lenses would all work) .....

    I think you might get some cut off at the coursers

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    A Full size body, like a D4 with a 35+ MP sensor, large enough buffer to handle the 10+ FPS rate. Dual XQD slots, PitchBlack recombination on the focus points. High ISO. 16-bit color. Price $6,500.
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    I would like to have focus peaking, focus trapping, user defined settings that can be saved, and even more of the buttons to be customizable all on a D800 type system.
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  • sevencrossingsevencrossing Posts: 2,800Member
    A Full size body, like a D4 with a 35+ MP sensor, large enough buffer to handle the 10+ FPS rate. Dual XQD slots, PitchBlack recombination on the focus points. High ISO. 16-bit color. Price $6,500.
    nearly, there, just reduce price to $2000 and call it a D400 ( even then some people wont be happy)

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