My Multi Selector Wheel is GONE!



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    If the replaced button works and the camera seems to function normally, no issue with the image quality, I would just use it. Several of the "buttons" on the Nikons are simply a rubber friction fit cover to allow manipulation of the underlying switch. You purchased this D7100 used, so I assume you do not want to spend another few hundred dollars or even a hundred dollars to have Nikon check the camera.

    If, however, there are functional issues about all one can do is get it repaired.
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    Thank you very much, will wait for the replacement button, see if it works...if not, will send body to Nikon
    for repairs and a complete check out, focus and function are working great in my estimation, so if I regain the OK button convenience I'll be smiling...Nikon estimates repair within the range of $40-$300, am assuming
    they would notify me of cost upon receipt of the body...

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    Noticed too late that the multi-selector button was missing from my 6 month old Nikon Df. Thankfully it was on the last day of vacation, so I was able to use the camera for a majority of the vacation, but I have a shoot coming up and am told it will take a minimum of 7 - 10 days to repair and get back to me.

    I have been a Nikon shooter since 1985 and started shooting bands in clubs with the FE2. That camera has taken so many hard hits, bumps and smacks yet I never had any issues with it, and the FE2 cost considerably less than the Df. At this price point, buttons should not just be falling off during nature walks!

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    I was shooting last night and my buttons fell off too. I have used this camera heavily for 3 years. I popped them back in and now they don't work quite right. Soon after my screen stopped working. It will show the image after Itale it, but I cannot zoom, use the preview button, or access the menus. Any thoughts?
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    @tiggerdelore, @britt26: If it were me I would send it into the service centre along with a strongly worded letter along the lines of what you wrote above and see what shakes out.
    Always learning.
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    When I sent my D750 in for the recall, it came back to me with a broken Mode Dial. I had to take photos of it and then Nikon sent me another shipping label. So back it went.

    But they did take care of it and it's been perfect since. So I have to assume Nikon will take care of the OP.
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    Hi Mike, Nikon cameras those that have Dxxx and D7xxx designation are made reasonably rugged and enough weather sealing to survive minor bumps here and there and the light sprinkles.
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    My wife is very hard on her cameras with multiple smashed LCD cover screens and she will not use a silicone case ..her OK button went missing..7100 but I found it in the trunk of the car and just popped it back without problem..lucky escape
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