My Out of warranty repair: Timeline and pricing 24-70 and d300s

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A lot of people ask about nikon timelines and out-of-warranty repairs.. here is what happened with me:

d300s flash failed, didn't work at all (as flash, commander, anything), 24-70 and d300s combo was spotty at best, misfocus a lot. sent in for those two things:

11/15 - FRIDAY - sent FEDEX via FEDEX
11/18 - MONDAY - AM shipping confirmation from FEDEX: NIKON RECEIVED
11/18 - MONDAY - at 10PM Estimate emailed to me - i Accepted - submitted CC online.
D300s: B2 Service Repair Rank B2 – Estimate $236.50
24-70: B2 Service Repair Rank B2 – Estimate $432.50
11/19 - TUESDAY - around 11PM status changed to "Shop - Approved on 11/18/2013" for both items
11/19 - TUESDAY - Bank Of America account shows two "Authorized" transactions for the amounts above.
11/20 - HUMP DAY! - status changed to "Billing - Approved on 11/18/2013" for both items
11/21 - shipped
11/22 - arrived !!!!!!!!!!!

What was done (according to invoice)


rpr zooming mechanism
rpr focusing mechanism
rpl helicoid
rpl cam ring
rpl bayonet mount
rpl rubber ring
adj auto focus operation
adj resolution test
general check & clean

rpr flash operation
rpl pop-up flash
rpl flash pcb
grip cover adj auto focus operation
ckd image test
cln image sensor
firmware upgrade
check & clean

at work now, haven't tested yet - but very excited!
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    Great turn around time from Nikon service. Thanks for sharing.

    My D300 service took 3-1/2 weeks from shipment to receipt.
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    Indeed goo repair times. I think the availability of parts has a lot to do with how long they take.
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    Welcome to NRF. Oh, I fixed the thread title so as to make it more specific. A lot of D300s users are waiting for the mysterious D400 and may be very interested in the repair issues. Thanks
    Msmoto, mod
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    If I knew repairing the flash would cost that much I think I might have left it broken and bought a SB700 instead.
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    Part of that cost was for general cleaning and adjustment that would be done regardless of the flash.
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    So took the camera out today - i think focus is spot on now with the D300s+24-70 combo!! very excited.

    regarding the flash, i went back and forth with that in my head. i fixed it for a few three main reasons:

    1) if i sell the camera, i want it 100% fixed - flash would be a big problem for most people buying (haven't decided if im ready to sell it just yet.. since today when i took the camera out it was spot on perfect focus!)
    2) i have two nikon flashes that i use off camera - with a broken flash i didn't have CLS and as such - one flash would need to be a commander - so now this gives me the ability to use both flashes once again!
    3) if i buy another flash - i'd rather use it off camera then on camera as CLS commander =)

    the only point i see to the on camera flash is as a commander. and that was worth the $$$ though as pointed out earlier, cleaning, and adjustment was also included in that price..

    i should also point out that the "estimate" was in fact the final pricing.. which is funny - they priced it before even looking at it?!?!?! either way i'm a happy camper today. it was worth it
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