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Since the new D5300 costs less than the D7100, I was wondering what others thought about the following details........
The new D5300 has no low pass filter just like the D7100 which means to me that it will take the same tack sharp photos. The 5300 has the new EXPEED 4 image processor and I don't know if that is significant or not. It appears that the 5300 has about the same low light capability as the 7100 as far as ISO goes. Are folks taking all this into consideration when choosing the 7100? Does the 7100 focus better? I need help understanding why the 7100 is the best pick. Is the built in focus motor a big deal or the 2 card slots? I could care less about gps or wifi. Most of the specs of these camera seem the same? I did read that it was easier to change some settings on the 7100 on the fly whereas you need the menu on the 5300. Please give your opinions.



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    Both cameras will take excellent pictures, but the questions you ask are some of the reasons I chose the D7100. For me however, the bigger, better weather sealed body combined with the better controls on the D7100 are worth the difference. Yes, it has more focus points. Yes it has dual card slots. Yes, the built in focus motor makes a difference should you ever have the opportunity to buy a great older, non-focusing lens. But the controls are so much better on the D7100. Dedicated buttons for ISO, White Balance and a DOF preview made the D7100 the clear winner for me.

    I had the D5100 previously and absolutely hated having to dig through menus to change necessary camera fucntions. Whether that makes a difference to you is dependent on how you shoot. If you shoot more auto, it probably doesn't make much difference.

    The one thing I wish my D7100 had is an articulated LCD. I didn't really use it that much on the D5100, but there were times it was a real help in certain situations. Still the lack of it on the D7100 didn't stop me from buying one.
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    Ergonomics, build, manual control, and features are just some of the reasons the D7100 is better. Little things like 1/8000 a sec SS, AFD compatibility, 2 slots, higher flash sync are just some of the reasons I'd pick it.
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    The D7100 has better seals than the D5300 and is suppose to be more rugged. Think I saw that on the Nikon site. Not sure what advantage/feature the EXPEED 4 has over the one in the D7100 so I can't speak to that one.

    I prefer the larger body and focus points and the quick access buttons. Much better than digging into menus. Have the AF motor in the camera is an advantage if you ever drop an older lens on the body. I love the two slots, have #2 set up for over flow for #1 slot and all movies go to #2.

    Ergonomically I like the D7100 better than the D5200 and assume the D5200 is identical to the D5200.

    There are other things to consider in switching from DX to FF bodies. Be sure you understand the implications before making the step; lens,
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    In general, the more money one spends on a Nikon body, the easier it is to make adjustments. If one shoots in "P" mode, probably not a reason to have anything more than the D5300. But, if one wants to expand their photo experience, try different shooting techniques, more lens options, then a D7100 may be the best choice.

    As noted, the size of the camera may be important. Very small hands…maybe this is a factor. Or, huge hands, again, the smaller body may be simply too small.

    If possible, shoot some test shots with both using the same lens. See what you like. I have not seen the hi ISO reviews of the sensors compared, so they may be similar or the D5300 may have an advantage.

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