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I just returned from a California Mojave Desert trip, during which I gained a little familiarity with my new D7100; it's my new buddy, but it's very complex and keeps its secrets close to its vest—one of which is autobracketing when Mirror Up/Remote release mode.

I've been told that Autobracketing won't work with a wireless remote release, that a wired remote is required—something I have a hard time believing. Is this true?
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    Did you try it? From my recollection, a wireless remote is like $36 and good to have regardless...
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    (1) Whoever told you that is wrong.

    (2) A third party wireless remote costs less than $10.

    Happy New Year.
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    The D7100 is a complex camera, but if you read the manual, it all becomes simple. I know I'm possibly in the minority in reading it from cover to cover (and even then missed two points that I learned later by playing), but it is well worth it.

    I rarely use bracketing now as the D7100 has such good raw files, but when I do, I use a wired release. The IR remote works fine for bracketing - make sure you turn it on in the shooting menu (one of the rare backwards steps of the D7100 - the D7000 has it on the release mode dial).
    Always learning.
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