Will Kodak have a stand @ The 2014 Photokina

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Two SEPARATE questions
1 what would you like
2 what do you expect

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    1 a mirrorless D810

    half the weigh , twice the dynamic range
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    I was thinking it might be a mirrorless FF in a D600 size body.
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    A down sized D4s with 24mp
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    I am intrigued with the Sony A7 type body and would like to see Nikon produce a mirrorless body but expect Nikon to produce a conventional DSLR body with the latest and lightest plastics instead. I do expect no AA filter, the D810 focus module, top native ISO of 12,800 and basically faster everything due to Expeed 4. Basically, I expect a "step-up" in features and performance from the D610.
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    I'm thinking it's too soon for a D620. The D810 is new and the D4s is still fairly new. So if Nikon were to pick a camera to experiment further with it'd probably be the Df. I've been tempted to buy a Df so if they built that with the current D800/810 focus grid and all other D810 improvements then it'd be a serious consideration for me. No video is still OK for that particular camera.

    My only other thought would be a mirrorless FF camera with a Leica/Fuji body style. That would also be a cool on-the-go camera.
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    NOOOOOO not an improved DF body not this soon.

    Hahaha. I love my DF and a AF of the D810 would be exremely welcomed.

    Im guessing a mirrorless in FX or an update to the DX Coolpix A similar type camera expecially with the tilt screen.
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  • MsmotoMsmoto Posts: 5,398Moderator

    Precisely… a mirrorless full frame body accepting all the "F" mount lenses. Like a D810M…. LOL
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    I'm having a hard time seeing what "gap" exists in the FX lineup that this new camera would be designed to fill. If this rumor proves to be true I'd say we can all kiss any hopes of that pro-style DX body (be it the D400 or the D9300) goodbye. I think it's a pretty good indicator as to where Nikon's priorities lay.
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    I was actually hoping for a Df2... with the 24mp sensor and the D800 autofocus. That would be nice.
    I am hoping for exactly that, with the addition of a second card. However, I suspect that it is too early as Vipmediastar said.

    As to mirrorless, perhaps that is what they are doing. But if it takes the current lens lineup, it is not going to be much smaller (barely smaller than a DF) as the depth can't change due to the flange focal length distance. Some weight and bulk shaved off the top. But I would not buy a premium camera without a viewfinder. I only tolerate it on my Coolpix A because its ability to put in a pocket overrides. So I would want an electronic viewfinder. But then add back the extra weight and bulk and there is little saving there.

    As to using the LCD screen, I cringe everytime I try that outside and as a result only use video when I am highly motivated. I would prefer an electronic viewfinder anyday. Too me, the ultimate would be an optical viewfinder with an electronic hybrid for video.

    Yes, what I am talking about reflects my own shooting style. But the relevant point is that I think that mirrorless is overrated on a premium camera, though suitable for a high end pocketable camera. Is Nikon going to embark on that experiment despite that? I suspect that they will. Perhaps this is it.
  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,545Moderator
    Although I would agree we don't need it (before I get flamed), it may just be the D710 with 24Mp, D810 AF, expeed 4, faster fps etc for those who don't want 36Mp. In other words the D700 replacement/successor.
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  • FritzFritz Posts: 140Member
    A true D700 successor would sell darn well.
  • PB_PMPB_PM Posts: 4,494Member
    I'm having a hard time seeing what "gap" exists...
    Other than the $1400 gap between the D610 and the D810 you mean? (Not counting the DF which is a rebadged D600 with a 16MP sensor).

    I would not be surprised if it is a D610 replacement, since that was a stop gap measure to silence the dust/oil problem of the D600. The flippy screen and 24MP sensor is kind of a dead giveaway that this will be a consumer model, not a pro style body (in terms of control layout). The price ($2500), would be in line with the recent price hikes we've seen on Nikon gear as well. This price bump would also make room for the new "semi pro" DX D9300 in the lineup.
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  • WestEndBoyWestEndBoy Posts: 1,456Member
    I was actually hoping for a Df2... with the 24mp sensor and the D800 autofocus. That would be nice.
    I am hoping for exactly that, with the addition of a second card. However, I suspect that it is too early as Vipmediastar said.
    It could be a Df2 because it's never too early for a change/upgrade if a camera has been a failure. I have done a lot of traveling recently and I have to say that I have never seen a Df in the wild. It's not in the top 100 in Amazon sales, where practically every other model of Nikon is. It's too expensive to attract people who know nothing about photography and too crippled to attract a lot of professionals. Right now the camera is extremely niche and I don't think Nikon wants to sell niche cameras. If they can bump up the specs a little bit, suddenly a lot of people will be interested.
    I concede your point.
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    just read the main blog about this camera.. would seem to me to be nikon's Video specialised Dslr .. probably Xpeed 4 with 4k video.
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  • BabaGanoushBabaGanoush Posts: 252Member
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    I'm hoping the rumored new FF camera is in a totally different region of product space than Nikon's current FF product lineup. Otherwise, Nikon's FF product line will start to resemble what General Motors ossified lineup of cars USED to look like before customers began looking elsewhere for something different and fresh: Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Chevrolet. In other words, too many undifferentiated brands with too many similarities that segment the same market instead of reaching out to a wider range of consumers with different needs and wants. Perhaps I sound like Thom Hogan, but IMO Nikon will not prosper by continuing to release the same kinds of products to its existing customer base; to do well in the long term, it has to grow its customer base. That will require innovative products and the sort of smart marketing that seems to be in short supply at Nikon Japan these days.
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  • scoobysmakscoobysmak Posts: 215Member
    I admit I am quite surprised with this rumor. About the only thing I could really see is a D4x, if it shot 10 fps and had the low light ability it has now but the estimated price of $2500 blows my idea completely out the window.

    I plan to buy a D810 to replace my D700, I don't see the need for a D750 at this point. The D810 shoots just as fast as my D700 without the grip. The big question would be how the ISO compares between the two, if your using it in low light the D750 might be a better option for you.

    I like the Df but until I get a D8XX its just something I would want for street photography at night. I like shooting "city scapes" at night, monopods and tripods can bring unwanted attention and can be a pain to stroll around with. The fact the Df is smaller/lighter than most other bodies is a big benefit. The Df hasn't been out a year yet to upgrade it, I do see previous reasons why it might get the upgrade but it would be a slap in the face to current Df owners in some ways. More MP and cheaper but maybe some options have been deleted that I would have wanted. Who knows until the rumor is proven to be true.

    My personal upgrade path was put on hold pretty much. I had planned to get a D800e but got sent overseas so I kept my D700. I like to print larger than 13x19 so for me the bigger files are welcome though my computer won't think so. My D700 will get replaced with a D810 unless this rumor has something I can't live without. I also have a D200 that was IR converted after I got a D7000. The D7000 is a nice camera but I just got to used to my D700 and D200 and do not like the controls and smaller size, after about 20 min or more holding the camera my right hand is uncomfortable. I got a D7100 for the increased file size and F8 auto focus ability. I knew I would not like the size/controls but had an event I really wanted the DX reach for so took the plunge. My D7000 was in the US since I don't use it that much, at this event the camera was on a tripod most of the time so my hand wasn't affected. I think the D7100 is a great camera especially for the price. My only observation is that even with the F8 auto focus ability I think my D700 focuses faster. That is my findings but not sure for others. If a D9300 comes about and has the D4s/D810 auto focus and gives a bigger buffer I am all about it, but I will save that for the D300 replacement or D9300 threads. The wife has been bugging me for a camera so the D7000 is hers and maybe the D7100, she has smaller hands anyway. After this if I still want a low light street photography camera I might pick up a used Df.

    At this moment I just don't see the need for another FF camera in the $2500 price range unless its to test a mirror-less camera.

  • PhotobugPhotobug Posts: 5,751Member
    I was totally caught by surprised...a FF DSLR body. Not what I was expecting. I was looking for that top of the line DX DSLR - D9300). So here goes what I think is coming in September in a full frame DSLR body and how it fits in the line.

    The D610 is the entry level full frame consumer body. The D810 is the pro body full frame high MP body. The Df is a unique throwback body.

    The new FF model fits between the D610 and D810 resulting in the D710 name or a D750. Key features are as follows:

    24MP full frame sensor
    Tilting LCD screen (Really...not needed but I will leave this one in)
    Wi-Fi built into the body
    GPS via external module
    Expeed 4 imaging processor. Which one is the question.
    Larger body than a D610 but smaller than the D810. Better ergonomics than D610. The size of my old D300
    I do not expect it to be ultra light but similar in weight to the D610
    Faster AF than D610
    Higher ISO than D610
    New shutter mechanism
    Larger buffer than D610
    7 FPS body and 8/9 FPS body+battery grip
    Price range: $2,497 to $2,697 with a target price of $2,597 (half way between the D610 & D810)
    Reference prices: D610: $1,896.95, Df: $2,746.95, D810: $3,296.95, D4s: $6,496.95

    The important question, would you buy it. If it met my requirements, this would become my first FF DSLR body.

    Okay, those are my expectations...have at it.

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    D610 is only a fix for the D600. So it could be the planned upgrade for the D600. The only real problem with the D600/D610 is the AF. Fix that and add a few upgrades and you are looking at a logic upgrade for the D600.

    Df was a good idea - maybe - but not a very good camera. Poor AF and bad UI. Fix that and you may have more takers. Add the ability to do real MF with older lenses - now that would get the attention of some old folks with a lot of older lenses.
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    It has been two years, since the D600 came out, so I'm inclined to believe this is an upgrade of the D600/610. can see a 24 Mpixel sensor with the Exspeed 4 sensor and the improved 51 point AF module, but without group focusing or highlight metering that exists in the D810. Burst rate will improve to 7 frames in FX, or DX. The grip won't do anything in that area. Body construction will be an improved version of the D6xx, but not much more.
    The idea of improved auto focus, is attractive, but having a D600 does not make me excited about an incremental upgrade.
    Since I just purchased a D810 (fantastic, but I am coming from a D3, so what do I know), I really don't have an interest in a new camera model. But If I was, I would consider a large sensor (FX or DX) mirrorless, to be compelling.
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    I hope it is the first camera in the Nikon 2 family (mirrorless ff, new mount). I think it is a D620 or a Df2.
  • rmprmp Posts: 586Member
    I'm with the mirrorless crowd. A mirrorless D4s or D810 would be tempting if all the buttons and dials were the same. I hope, for Nikon's sake, it is not just more of the same old stuff.
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    I'm with the mirrorless crowd. A mirrorless D4s or D810 would be tempting if all the buttons and dials were the same. I hope, for Nikon's sake, it is not just more of the same old stuff.
    I dunno about that? I reckon there is plenty of space for a mid range FX (D720). I don't want more than 24mp but I do want decent AF so bring it on please.
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  • sevencrossingsevencrossing Posts: 2,800Member
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    I would love a mirror less
    but that would be a a new range; not a "another full frame Nikon DSLR camera"
    I will put my money on a D620, they might give it a different name, to distance it from the D600
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  • framerframer Posts: 491Member
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    I'm guessing that it will be a FF like the D5200, plastic body but with more video stuff. The D5200 has been a big seller and it's natural that they make a FF version.

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  • sevencrossingsevencrossing Posts: 2,800Member
    That would really signal Nikon is abandoning Dx
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