D800 Min Shutter 2/Focal Length in Aperture Priority?

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I'm having trouble taking sharp images hand held. I really like to shoot in aperture priority mode with auto-ISO turned on. I'd rather have the ISO raised up a bit and have the minimum shutter set to 2/Focal Length instead of 1/Focal Length. For example when I use my 50mm the shutter drops to 1/50s but I'd rather have it set to 1/125 instead so I can get tack sharp images. Is there a setting on the camera to do this?

Are there any other settings on the camera that would help with camera shake? Would quiet shutter mode help reduce vibration? Would getting a D810 help with the quieter shutter (Maybe I'm just looking for an excuse :D ?)

If this option isn't available is there anyway to hack on the camera similar to magic lantern for Canon?


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    I am not sure you can do it in "A" mode or not.. I don't use that mode often.. I am a "P" mode guy. and you can do that in "P" mode by turning the back Dial to increase the shutter speed of the program mode. I think you can do it in A mode as well but like i said I am not sure. .. other than that just use full manual "M" mode.

    I noticed movement in my D7000 which went away in quiet mode. so yes Quiet mode helps in the D7000. I stay in quiet mode because of that. and I am doing the same with my D610 but I have not noticed movement when not in quiet mode so It may only be that the D7000 was extra susceptible to shutter shake.

    what camera do you have?
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    The OP said, "D800" in the title of the thread, kind of a dead giveaway.

    I'm guessing that you are using auto ISO? If so, you can force the camera to a higher shutter speed in the auto ISO settings menu. On the auto mode press OK and choose "Faster".
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    under ISO sensitivity menu set minimum shutter speed to AUTO ...... PB _ PM beat me to it

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    Thanks everyone, you saved me from getting a D810... for now :D The auto ISO setting is exactly what I was looking for. I did see that in the shooting menu, but didn't realize it had submenus.
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    Just note 2 things: 1) The D800 will show camera shake where you have never seen it before when pixel peeping. Question really is, if you can see it on the output of your file. If you are printing 8x10 or posting files under 2000 on the long side, you probably will not. 2) Raising the ISO will naturally take away sharpness. Again, rarely under normal use, no one will notice.
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    @BH is right .. my D7000 showed shake at pixel level even at quite high shutter speeds.. so i now use it in quiet mode almost permanently. (unless I want max FPS.). My the D610 may not have this issue.. well I have not noticed it.. but i am in quiet mode most times anyway. (did I mention I love the D610?)

    PS the ways I have got around the shutter slam shake on my D7000 are with quiet mode.. and with a heavy tripod and or heavy lense.
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    Moments of Light - D610 D7K S5pro 70-200f4 18-200 150f2.8 12-24 18-70 35-70f2.8 : C&C very welcome!
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    I just stand atop my wobbly steps with my D800 and 17-35mm NO Vr and click away in CL at 2 per second and never had any shake problems .......??? auto iso min 1/30 auto shutterspeed not engaged
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    @nek4life: I use auto ISO - limit set to 3200. When using a 35mm I set minimum shutter speed to 1/100. When using a 85mm I set minimum shutter speed to 1/200. The camera raises the ISO until it reaches 3200, then it lowers the shutter speed. That is my usual settings. I can change them if I need to.

    Under normal shooting I only have to worry about DOF - aperture.
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    One of the techniques for obtaining sharp images is to be certain we are careful when shooting the image to not push, but squeeze. Also, holding the camera when using slow shutter speeds, using an elbow wedged in our sides to create a "tripod" effect can help. Even breathing can be adjusted when really down in the 1/2 or even 1/4 of the focal length shutter speed inverse relationship.

    I use minimum shutter speed especially when capturing people, primarily to avoid the subject movement problem. (Usually 1/160 sec)
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    God bless VR3. I am a shaker but I held my 70-200 f4 at 1/6th sec at 70mm the other night and it was sharp!
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    I'm guilty of pushing over squeezing the shutter. I catch my mistake and re-take the photo. One day I will get that habit out of the way.

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    While I said I had no issues with camera shake I did try a HDR with the D800 and it was terrible you could almost see the two images ..I did not use a VR lens ..will have a go with the D7100 with VR
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