Anyone else pre-order a 750 through Best Buy?

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Ok, don't laugh, yes I did a pre-order through Best Buy knowing how bad they are. Believe me, not my first choice of places. I had a bunch of miles I could cash in at Best Buy, so they got my business. So I pre-ordered on the 12th as soon as it showed on their website. It came with free expedited shipping service. As of today it shows "in progress". I called customer service and after waiting 35 minutes for an answer, they said it would be deliver between Oct 3rd-13th and that it was on backorder and could not fulfill all of the pre-orders. Interestingly enough, I told them that according to their website it is in stock and could be delivered on Friday. Apparently they have no way to reach their warehouse, but that the website is wrong. I am supposed to call back tomorrow at 3:00 for a status update since they are not allowed to call customer. They also show in stock at Best Buy stores near me, but was advised I can't pick one up because I didn't select buy "site to store". I can't do a refund because of the high dollar of gift cards from my miles, it will take 14-21 days to process a new replacement gift card from a return. I have always bought through BH, but this time had to use my miles. Mistake!

Anyone else with any luck, or am I the only one who used them? I am hoping that eventually I'll get notification it shipped and the customer service people are just left completely in the dark and had no idea what they were talking about.

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    Oh man, and to think that the USA once lead the world in customer service. That trend has reversed!
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    Worst case scenario is you get your gift card refunded after a few weeks right?

    I guess you could wait and see and keep calling, at least there's a digital paper trail so they really can't screw up that terribly.

    One way you could spend your miles next time is to call up customer service and see if they can transfer your miles into B and H gift cards. It doesn't hurt to ask. I think my mother did that with Citibank rewards once.
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    I also saw KR statement that Adorama got a truck load shipment and filled all their preorders and actually have left over product to fill orders. Sorry to hear you went with BB but understand from your point of view why you did that.

    I concur about trying to get a B&H Gift car. I also did that from a rewards program. Food for thought for next time.
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