SB 910 battery level?

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I'm thinking I know the answer to this as I can't find it in the manual or anywhere in the settings, but is there a way of viewing the battery level on the SB910?
It seems to be logical that you'd be able to see the state of the batteries, but it seems you cant.


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    There is no battery meter in any Nikon flashes.
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    The recharge time just gets longer and longer... Ain't that enough?
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    I have an SB 910 and it has a low battery indicator. Check out page B-8 in the manual.

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    From the manual: When battery power is low, the icon shown at the left appears on the LCD and the SB-910 stops functioning. Replace or recharge batteries.

    So basically it's a dead battery indicator and is far different than having a meter that shows you about how much battery you have left. I want to know if I have 3/4, 1/2 or 1/4 instead of just having to guess and changing batteries needlessly just in case. Believe me, it's better to check during a short break in shooting and to suddenly have your session interrupted.
    I carry several battery sets (and flash card sets) on shoots, and If I get a short break after any significant activity (> 100 - 200 frames for flash depending on lighting conditions, bounce distance etc.), I will pre-eptively change batteries to a new (freshly recharged) set, and if there has been more (300-400 frames), I will swap camera (D810) battery as well so I am not surprised by a flurry of activity. If half of flash card capacity is used and I get a break, I will refresh those as well.

    I have been caught short in non-stop photo action and missed shots while changing battery or flash memory, and I hate when that happens.

    I have never drained a D3x battery in a single session so I don't swap it, but always carry an extra any way . I usually have 3 or 4 D810 batteries with me.

    but yes, a battery level indicator would be nice.

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