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I am traveling, and will pick up my new D810 on the very first stop. I'll bring along a few goodies, but need some advice. My MB-D12 battery grip, along with my RRS L-bracket, as well as my BlackRapid Sport and my LowePro Toploader are already packed. Of course SD and CF cards. But what about which lens(es) to bring.

The trusty all-around Nikon 24-70mm is almost standard, and as I want to do some street whilst on the road, it'll be priceless.

But I am also going to a baptism, and will be seeing family and friends, so I am thinking my new love, Sigma 50mm ART. However, I am trying to travel light, and really shouldn't bring more than two lenses. So what about my Nikon 85mm? I just wonder. Should I even bring the Sigma (as it overlaps with the 24-70mm)?


And not to forget, I'll bring my Leica microfiber cleaning cloth:)


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    My input:
    1. Tripod if you want to be in the family baptism pictures.
    2. SB-XXX flash
    3. 85mm instead of the Sigma 50mm. I would avoid the overlap with the 24-70mm.
    4. You did not mention the most important item, a battery charger, but assume it's in the bag.
    5. Your bag should contain all or most of all the items listed on Golf007sd's list of accessories for maintenance of your fine equipment.

    Now if you are not taking your flash, then leave the 85mm at home and bring the Sigma Art lens. Good move taking the Leica Microfiber cleaning cloth. :D

    After the service have the Pastor stage the baptism again so you can shoot additional pictures.
    Relax with the family and play with your new tool. Congrats on the D810. =D>
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    If I had your kit I would bring the 28, 50 and 85. (Wide street, street and indoors, portrait)
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    Although everyone seems to be in love with their Sigma ART lenses...I would take the 85 myself. Something a little longer and great for portraits. No need to overlap with the 50 unless you really think you are going to need the 1.4. If you can or are using a flash the 50 shouldn't be necessary.
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    Charger will be in the D810 box:) and no way I can fit my tripod:( I have a small travel kit from Nikon, the Lens Cleaning kit, and a blower.

    I am not sure about the flash, the baptism will be in the daytime, and that was why I was happy to bring the 50mm ART. Seeing as it is my own daughter (13 years old) that will be baptised, I won't be going overboard with taking pictures, and no one else is touching my gear.

    Good suggestion on the 28, 50 and 85mm, but I am pretty attached to my 24-70mm. The 85mm is a very good suggestion though, and it may end up being the third lens which I am not bringing.
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    My concern on the 24-70 would be light gathering power in low light, thus the 50 suggestion. However, you seem to have that covered.

    Plus the 28 is great for street photography. Just focus at 10 or so feet and shoot at f/8.0.
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    Having a 1.4 or 1.8 is always a good way to go. Thus, if I had to chose between the 50 or the 85, given that you already have the 24-70 2.8....the 85 1.8G would be my choice.

    Looking forward in seeing the images on PAD.
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    Baptisms are a pain to shoot. 85mm for sure if not something longer. It is difficult to get close. These gigs are really what put me over to get the 24-120vr F4 over the 24-70 - reach, and VR. What I have found with these is shooting at f4+ is really a good practice. Everything happens so fast that shooting under that or with 1.8s/1.4s, it is too easy to miss a focus point and the DOF ends up being not ideal (or what I mutter %^&$$#@!) If you can bounce a flash (not firing directly at the kid) that is ideal but not necessary.

    I personally have no problem with overlapping primes with zooms. Zooms are about covering anything quickly, primes are about achieving different looks. As to which, it really depends (in my mind) if I'm people shooting, or location shooting.
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    For the christening I agree the 24-70 is not long enough need the 28-300 zoom or at least the 24-120
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    Funny because I really wanted to recommend the 105 f2.8. Shoot wide open and give you a bit more reach.

    Funny during my daughter's baptism I brought my d5000 with the 35f1.8. Put it on auto and so anyone could take pictures. They turned out surprisingly well.
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    You dont say were the baptism is taking place. I would want a wide shot of the interior,
    I would take my 16 -35 f4 and 24 -120
    but your 14-24mm f/2.8G and 24 - 70 should do similar job
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    I don't think you are going to find a shot that you can't get with either the 14-24mm f/2 .8G or the 24 - 70 F/2.8. I would pass on carrying primes. Too limiting in a "live action" shoot.

    Denver Shooter
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    Thanks for all the input:)

    Unfortunately I am trying to cover various bases, street, trip, and a baptism. Hence I have elected to bring my 24-70mm - it is my favorite lens, and a really good all-arounder. I will also bring my 85mm - it has a bit more reach and is plenty fast. I have never really taken to my 105mm, so I will try to get the reach with the 85mm and hope I can crop in PS if necessary... I know I have lenese with greater reach (my 80-400mm for instance), but it is so darn big to lug around on a "travel light" trip.

    I hear you on the 14-24mm, and if I was going to Iceland for sure it would be in the bag, but DK in October is dull, rainy, and not particularly picturesque, and I have never taken to that lens indoor.

    We'll see if the 50mm makes in the suitcase... I really really like it.
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    Thanks for all the input:)

    I hear you on the 14-24mm, ..... I have never taken to that lens indoor.

    I don't have this lens but I use my 16 -35 indoors a lot
    if you don't like it, this time, don't take take it,
    but do try and find out why it is not working for you
    most of my shots on the 16-35 do require quite a bit of work in post

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    I've got a very light travel requirement coming up in a couple of weeks myself: a week on-site at a Caspian Sea job. I'm thinking D810, three extra batteries, 50, 24 and maybe 105, or just the 24-120. No room for a spare body, and three lenses are going to be tough. But I do use the 105 a lot.
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    I think one of the reason is the bit of distortion the 14-24mm gives, especially when the objects are close by. Out side it is one of my favorite lenses (I shot a lot of landscape), but inside... not so much.
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    Maybe you should buy another lens :-)

    Honestly if it is your kids baptism. I wouldn't worry that much about trying to take professional pictures. One reason I brought my 35 f1.8 to my daughter' was easy to use with good results and when someone else was taking pictures there was no zooming to explain. Enjoy it and you aren't getting paid for the pictures and they aren't going to be sold or something. The 24-70 should be just fine. And if you have room bring any prime. You have the majority of shots covered with the zoom so what else would add something? I like the 105 because it is so close focusing it makes it pretty versatile.
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    what about an underwater camera :-) is it that kind of baptism?
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    I have attended 3 baptisms in the last year. Small town church and found where the baptism actually takes place makes all the difference. A 50mm was not wide enough for me.
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    The baptism is in a smaller Danish church. The priest (who happens to be my aunt) is ok with picturetaking, but no flash. My daughter who is 13 is usual teenage shy, so no extreme closeups. It'll be in the morning, and as I want to enjoy he moment as well, I am not there as a photographer...

    As for lenses, I am ow packed, and i settled for the 24-70mm and the 85mm. The thinking is also that as I am picking up my new D810, I would have space for a new lens as well, if I only bring the two:) I don't know what I would need though, but I am a gear head, and must NEVER go down on equipment.
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    @Killerbob Congrats on the new D810,as for a new lens. You should also pick up the N600mm or the N800mm(the part of the world you live in i think you could use them) and the new RRS gimbal head when it's ready to ship. :D
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    If it light enough to read a bible its light enough for an f 5.6 or F8 even on DX ..its ok being wide open but you need depth of field at these events for me ( every weekend)
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    I would rather use a long prime at a baptism than the 24-105 zoom. That lens has very poor light transmission, even though it has VR. The 85/1.8g has 2.5 Tstops better of light transmission, which will significantly reduce your noise by allowing you to use lower ISOs. The 28-300 is even worse... 3.6 Tstops. Remember, this is even at the same aperture.
    Transmission is huge and a better indicator than f-stop.
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    I would pick the Nikon 85 and Sigma Art 50 as the main lens and the 24-70 as the backup lens.
    I just went over my pics from my road trip and the d810 and Sigma 50 art delivered. The Df had the 70-200 and 85 but given your lens choices the 85 is awesome.

    I did switch to the 24-70 towards the end for a group photo but I haven't looked at those pics yet. I'll update once I do.

    I think my setup for a future road trip would be 14-24, 50mm and 85mm.

  • Golf007sdGolf007sd Posts: 2,840Moderator
    Primes are, for the most part, the best way to hedge against setting that have bad lighting. The D810 has great high ISO capabilities; couple that with a prime...well at least up to 135mm, also saves on weight.

    On the other hand, if there is "reasonable" light, using a medium telephoto lens, like the 24-70 2.8, will shine in more ways than one, i.e. less frequently switching of lenses, going wide and begin able to isolate subjects. Lenses of this type allow you to take more pictures when the action is going down as well. It is its truly a very versatility lens. Hence, why it never stays home when I travel.

    Yes, I fully understand: switch lenses is not that time consuming; but under the gun, when people are moving around, time is your enemy...the opportunity in missing a nice moment could be lost in the process of mounting the right lens. Best solution is clearly to have two bodies...but given that KillerBob want to travel light, this would defeat that purpose.
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    Maybe you should buy another lens :-)
    Written like a true photographer. :D
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