What was your first camera?

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This is a very old thread but I suspect there are many new members, so I'll just ask away.

So what was your first camera?

My first camera is a Nikon Coolpix E3700 that I still occasionally use. Pretty slow camera, but still I got some great macros out of it. It's also, surprisingly, my only compact camera. However, my Android phone has largely replaced it since I hate my workflow in general.
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    Fun this subject. From1969 I had an Olympus PEN EE-2 half 35mm camera.
    You could make 72 shots on a roll of 36.
    Before that time, I borrowed camera's.

    My first real one, which I had for many many years was the Pentax ME Super with a 50mm and a 125mm lens.
    Maybe I also can count as a real one, my small rangefinder, Rollei XF 35. Still use it sometimes.
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    Most likely in the late 1950's I began to take photos...and, the cameras I used early were:
    Kodak No 2C Brownie Model B
    Kodak Baby Brownie Special
    Kodak Brownie Hawkeye
    Voigtländer Vitomatic II
    Minolta SR-3, 58mm f/1.4 Rokkor About 1961...first serious camera
    Nikon F Photomic T, Late 1966
    Nikon F
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    Dad had a couple of Viewfinder Voigtlander's which I used - don't know if they count.

    ZENIT-E , the Russian tank - my first SLR ... You had to first choose the aperture on the lens then rotate a ring till it stopped down to that aperture !! The exposure meter - I'd rather not talk about it. The only way to get it right was to hold your palm 5 inches from it and make it read from there.

    PETRI MF-1 ( Petri Who ?? ) Beautiful SLR the size of OM1-OM2. Loved it.

    MINOLTA XD7 Used it for 19 years till I bought my first Nikon. Due to a salt water spill, only the mechanical flash speed ( 1/100 ) and Bulb worked in the last 5-6 years. Realized you don't need that many speeds at all.

    NIKON F70 Gift from fiancee . Cryingly parted from my XD7 and stepped into the NIKON world.

    KONICAMINOLTA Z2 - Back to Minolta again in digital ! My first DSLR-like

    Nikon D80

    Nikon D300 and waiting .....waiting....waiting ...
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    Nikon Ftn and I still have it.
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    Not counting the Instamatics or disposable ones, eh?

    My first REAL one was a Pentax K1000. Got me started in film.
    - Ian . . . [D7000, D7100; Nikon glass: 35 f1.8, 85 f1.8, 70-300 VR, 105 f2.8 VR, 12-24 f4; 16-85 VR, 300 f4D, 14E-II TC, SB-400, SB-700 . . . and still plenty of ignorance]
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    My father collected cameras and I think the first film camera I used was a Practica MTL 5. I also used some of his Super 8 film cameras. His Nikon F301 (in the US it was called N2000) was the first one I used on a regular basis.

    The first camera I got for myself was a Nikon FA.
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    Olympus OM1. F A B U L O U S C A M E R A !
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    Hi all,

    Kodak Brownie Hawkeye.

    My best,

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    My first camera, that was not a disposable, was the, Ricoh AF-77, which I still have sitting in a box. I sometimes used, and later inherited my families Nikon FE. First digital was a Kodak CX7430 (it had an F0.95 lens!). First DSLR was the D80.
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    1st camera.....Brownie Instamatic, Polaroid...(who hasn't had one!)
    1st SLR...........Minolta SRT 201, then Minolta XG, XE5, XE7
    1st DSLR........Nikon D70, D80, D200
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    A 1939 Zeiss Ikon 120 roll film camera.
    First SLR was a Minolta SRT-101
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    MInolta SR-T-101, then Minolta XD7 for film
    D80, D700 for Digital
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    Miranda SLR- I forget the model number. My first 'proper' camera. I worked all my school holidays for about two years to save up the money and I was as excited about getting it as anything I have ever had!.
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    Never had any film camera. 1st digital was a Kodak PS, followed by at Cannon PS, then stepped up to DSL: D7000, then D4. :P
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    Agfa Silette in my case.
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    First SLR was a Minolta SRT-201. Still have it along with five other film Minoltas.
    First Digital was my Nikon D70s. Still have it, (can't seem to part with camera gear) and now have a total of 6 DSLR's.
  • This will date me...!

    Folding Zeiss Ikonta (rollfilm)
    Zorki-4 (Russian Leica 3 copy)
    Girlfriends Pentax Spotmatic
    Nikon F + Ftn (Brand spanking new in 1974, used all my pocket money) Still use it...
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    I have no clue to what my 1st camera was. It was a twin lens point and shoot and took 127 size film. I can honestly say that I took the worlds worst snapshoots with that camera.

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    The first camera I ever used was the family Kodak twin lens Duaflex that I used from about 8 to 16. The first camera I owned was a Polaroid Swinger. I bought an Olympus 35RC when I started college, then a Minolta CLE, then a Leica MP4 (I loved rangefinders.) When I started using photography for work I got a Contax SLR system, but quickly moved to the Nikon F2. For the last quarter century I have bought nothing but Nikons, although I have borrowed medium format cameras from my colleagues when I've needed them.

    I should add: I still have my first tripod and use it frequently, but I don't have most of my earliest cameras.
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    OM-2n. Love that thing so much that twice I've pulled it out, cleaned it up to resell it, held it in my hands, snapped a few blanks, put it back in the box.
    D7100, D60, 35mm f/1.8 DX, 50mm f/1.4, 18-105mm DX, 18-55mm VR II, Sony RX-100 ii
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    That is the right decision KnockKnock. Wish I still had my OM1.
    Always learning.
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  • rschnaiblerschnaible Posts: 308Member
    MInolta SR-T-101, then Minolta XD7 for film
    D80, D700 for Digital
    the Minolta SRT 101 was my first quality camera... Thanks for the memory Jan!

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    MInolta SR-T-101, then Minolta XD7 for film
    D80, D700 for Digital
    the Minolta SRT 101 was my first quality camera... Thanks for the memory Jan!

    One of my winter projects is to scan all the negatives (Sigh). Racetrack pics from the 70's. Formula 1 in the "green hell"
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    Kodak Brownie Box Camera, then a Minolta-35 Model in the 1950s used. Mamiya Sekor DTL 1000 in the 1960s which was an amazing camera with superior optics. It was about as close as I could get to Leica lens quality without buying one. I used until it died on me in the 1970s and would have bought another, but they experienced a reorganization and dropped their entire SLR Camera line. I also used the Mamiya medium format cameras which blew all the SLRs away in quality. After the DTL 1000 died switched to Nikon SLRs, and stuck with their film cameras until the D100 came into being, and finally sold all the film cameras shortly after the D300 came out.
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