What was your first camera?



  • ThomasHortonThomasHorton Posts: 323Member
    My first film camera was a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye we got from a thrift store.
    My first new SLR was the Pentax auto 110! Anyone else try developing 110 film in the darkroom? :)
    My first 35mm camera was the Canon AE-1
    My first DSLR was the Canon 30D
    Gear: Camera obscura with an optical device which transmits and refracts light.
  • HipShotHipShot Posts: 526Member
    Received a Kodak Instamatic when I was a kid.

    My first SLR was a Canon A-1. Nice camera, but I had no clue or inclination at the time to master it. Photography is a recent interest.
  • kengcomenkengcomen Posts: 1Member
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    Nikon D3000 + 18-55 mm Until now it is still in use.
    But I have a D7100 or D600 is Ful Frame.
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  • PaulohnPaulohn Posts: 33Member
    First camera was a Kodak film camera (cheap one).
    Then I bought a Cybershot P-50 (2MPixels). Spend lots of money with AA alkaline batteries... Rechargeable ones were expensive and not so good...
    Then a Nikon point-and-shoot (I don´t remember the model, but I still use it in some cases...)
    The first 'serious' one was a D90
    And most recent a D7100.
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