ahh I think ive been spoiled.

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Just wanted to say this site has been an amazing resource for learning for me over the years,

So I started to get into photography in 2010 because of my career path.
My first body was a d40 and I used the kit zoom lens 15-55 I think and a 70-300 telephoto.
Boy did I love it!!! My first dslr, I used it for a few months before I upgraded to a d90.

Went from a d90 to a d300 and then to a d300s and still using the same kit and telephoto lens.

Upgraded my glass to a 24-70 2.8 and the 70-200 2.8 and used the d300s.

Then I made the big upgrade from a d300s to the d3s and ended up selling both my zoom lenses and
Switched to two primes, a nikon 300 2.8 vrII and the sigma 35 1.4 art lens. It's all I've been using for last two years
And I've been looking at some smaller packages when it's not convenient to lug around the d3s+.

So from a spoiled point of view would I be happy with any of the following;

Sony rx100
Nikoncoolpix a
Fuji x100(s)(t)

I'm leaning toward the nikon coolpix a considering you can get a bran new one used off kijiji
For the low 400's. Even the older fuji100 seem to go for over 600 here in Canada.

Does anyone have experience with these smaller camera's and the big ones that can give me their two cents?


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    I have both the Coolpix A and a D800. The Coolpix A's sensor is roughly equivalent to the sensor on the D7000.

    The most important thing about the Coolpix A (and least appreciated) is the lens. The camera is worth $750 for the lens alone, which is a 28mm FX equivalent and probably better than the 28 1.8G optically, though a bit slower.

    I would not worry about it being more than 16 megapixels. I doubt that there is a lens, except a top end professional lens, that would outresolve a 16 mega pixel DX sensor in the DX image area. I tend to think that 24 megapixels on a DX camera is near the limit of even these lenses.
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    Sliepnir I use a D4 and the new V3, with the adapter FT1 all lenses can be used, and remember the V3 crop factor of 2.7 . Had all the V series and the V3 definitely is a vast improvement on the V1/V2.
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    The 1 series is pretty dismal in low light performance compared to the Coolpix A's DX sensor. I have all three sensor formats.
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    What do you mean by "spoiled" ?
    1) $$ no consideration.
    2) Primary concern High ISO
    3) Primary concern High IQ.

    I would wait a bit for the January announcements. as there are likely a new coolpix A.. maybe even a coolpix B (FX) . and we are also expecting all the other brands to release new kit.
    example : possible new Fuji 24mp sensor. production version of sumsung nx1. Sony will always be releasing something. maybe a new QX100 ?
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