Your Best of 2014

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As I have done in the past...your best shot for whatever reason for 2014. Use the same rules at the PAD thread. Explain if you want or not.

I have to say 2014 was this and that for photography for me. I got my D5200, shot my first wedding, but I didn't really get to take that many pictures. I also never found much time to edit many.

This was sunset in Ocean City, MD. I actually missed the shot I was hoping for a previous night and got this one the next night when we came back from dinner. I like the colors, reflections and atmosphere of it.

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    I think this has got to be my favorite 2014 shot. It was taken at Qoornoq, which is a small abandoned fishing village in the deep fiord of Nuuk. We were there for a weeks time, just chilling, sleeping in, cooking on a gas stove, hacking ice on the beach for cooling our food and water. No electricity, and only the sound of the occasional boat passing by, and the iceberg's never-ending turning.

    What I was trying to capture was the tranquility of the whole thing. The vastness of the fiord, and why Greenland is named Greenland... The snow-covered mountain in the far distance is some 40km/25mi away, and at that moment in July a total 7 people inhabited the island:)

    Qoornoq and the fiord down to Nuuk.

    D800 | Nikon 24-70mm @ 28mm | 1/1000 | f/5 | ISO 400
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    Probably not technically a good shot, but probably one of the more proud shots I've done so far, mostly because so much had to go right for me to get this shot. If it had rained, I would not have gotten a clear photo because the water droplets would have pooled on the screen window, and I have no roof access. I'm annoyed I couldn't remove the screen, but again, I rent, so that's not something I have control over. I also needed to shoot in the right general direction to get this shot. I had been shooting 4 second exposures at random directions and I have gotten bits and pieces of lightning, but never the whole "tree". So in total, I think I was shooting for a good 20 minutes to half an hour. I was glad I caught bits of lightning, or else I'd be pissed if I didn't get the exposure right.


    This is one of the few shots where I set out with a shot I wanted in my head and got it exactly the way I wanted it to be.
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    A great shot, for me is more than a nice is about how it was taken and the things than went on while take it. So for me, it is the picture below taken on our 2014 NRF gathering in Main. It was cold, it was late...but oooh what fun. Looking forward to our 2015 gathering, where I hope as many of you can attend will.


    D4 14-24 2.8 ISO 200 @ f/4 252 second (4 minute plus in the cold @ 12:00AM + :) )
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    Semi Black and White, the real Black and White.

    BW Birds-2868.jpg
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    I suppose my best of the year would be this scene from Scotland.
    What makes it special for me was that it was one of those days where the conditions were just perfect. This was the first time I had seen the water like this (looks like the tropics and not at all like Scotland) So I just like the way it came out.

    Beach Scotland
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    Maybe not my best, but, one I like.....shot when we were in Maine at the NRF Getogether..

    The Head Light, Portland, Maine

    Msmoto, mod
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    Good shot: I like the three dimensional effect of the near(bush)-mid(lighthouse)-far(sun). It is sort of like an imaginary leading line.
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    I don't know if it's my best, but it's definitely my favorite. It's a portrait of my wife so it's hard for it not to be a favorite :D

    I tried to edit the picture to give it a little bit of a vintage look without going overboard and also a little retouching, but again trying not to be heavy handed. Edited in Lightroom without any presets or plugins.

    This is the first year I've had a camera in close to 10 years as well. Looking forward to taking many more pictures :D

    Reiko at Shelburn Pond
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    Angry Bunny, my favorite that I shot this year.
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    One of my contenders for Best of 2014
    Taken: 1/18/2014
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    Going back to a shot from all the way back in January 2014.
    D800 + Sigma APO 120-300mm F2.8 EX DG HSM + Sigma APO 2X TC, 500mm, F8, ISO2000, 1/500s. | Large Version
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    I had no idea that ducks were omnivorous before I saw this shot of yours. Well caught.
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    I thought the duck was just helping the frog back to dry land.....
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    Not sure if it's my best, but it was certainly my most popular with 775 'shares' on Facebook and it got stolen and went somewhat viral on Twitter. Technically not great since it was completely back-lit, but guess content is king ..
    Osprey 8_16 2
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    I like this thread, outstanding and creative images. Here is mine. I was on the Rio Negro, a major tributary to the Amazon in Brazil, and teaching a class of park managers. We stopped at a long abandoned Portugese rubber village. As I headed up the river bank I turned around and saw this view. What struck me most was that I was looking across about 6 miles of absolutely still river water, which was perfectly reflecting the partly cloudy sky. To see such an immense of water still is pretty rare at least for me. It was just a snapshot, as I had work to do, but I like it.
    Rio Negro on a Calm Day
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    One of my best from 2014. Actually taken on New Year's Day, January 1st in Park City, Utah.
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    Not an expert photographer in any way, but I'm looking to improve.
    Taken with a Nikon D5100 in Juneau during a Cruise.
    The original image is huge (composite of more than 10 photos)
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    I really liked my product shots from earlier this year. I think I'd call this one my favorite, plus they are of my favorite shoes that I own. :)
    It's All About Presentation
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    It's very hard to photograph small fast flying insects on a hot day using a hand-held camera with a working distance of 50mm (2") and a depth of field of about 2mm (Eye-to-eye with a fly!
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    This thread is a feast for the eyes. Very inspiring as the new year approaches.

    I guess this one got the most positive feedback this year..
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    It is always a challenge when one tries to categorize so I won't label this my "best" but it was how I started the new year in 2014 and it seems fitting to end it that way as well. I am constantly inspired by NR and PAD and the excellent work of so many. Happy New Year everyone!
    Misty Morn
    Occasionally a decent image ...
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    I was teaching a class on 40's Glamour lighting so I didn't get much of a chance to shoot but at the end as everyone was breaking down I took one of the models and put her under one light. I converted it to B&W for the real 40's Glamour effect but really liked it much better in color.

    Lissa 1_pp

    Lissa 1_pp B&W

    Nikon D300 - ƒ/22.0, 50.0 mm f1.8, 1/250, 200iso
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