Any Word on a Higher Megapixel Camera from Nikon then D810?

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Since Canon is rumored to have a 46 or 50 megapixel camera with a Sony sensor coming out next year, is Nikon planning on staying on top with a new release with higher megapixels then the D810? Or do you think Nikon will concede this to Canon for a couple of years until Nikon can get a replacement ready?


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    Oh Nikon will introduce one. If they build it, it will sell. It's only a matter of when.
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    Unless Canon have some kind of exclusive deal with Sony, I suspect Nikon wouldn't be too far behind with a higher resolution body. My guess is that it would come in the form of a D4x though. Nikon is looking to drive up profit margins and a D4x would do just that.
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    It will be called the D4x or D810x or D820 and it will be out late in 2015 with 50+ megapixels is my guess. Hopefully not another $8,000 body; no need for that. It is just a sensor and can go into the D800, D800e, D810 body for less than $4,000.
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    While Nikon would no doubt be right there in the ring with Canon, I am still of the opinion the next big thing from either will be int the way of a professional mirrorless body which accepts the current line of pro lenses.

    I am wondering just how much more detail one can get from a D800E blows my mind.... but maybe I am just slow to catch on....LOL

    It would seem to be a requirement of a 50MP sensor to have a processor/buffer which can handle huge files at a much higher speed than currently in the D8XX bodies. Each file, even at 14-bit lossless compressed would be in the 60MB size.....lots to handle if one is accumulating these at 10 FPS.....

    Having said this, we have another new thread on this subject, so lets all go there:
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