My Nikon 3200 wifi will not stay connected

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Camera connects to IPad but halfway through download of photo it disconnects. Any suggestions


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    First, we need to know the Image Quality settings of your camera. For the WiFi connection, the recommended file size is JPEG/Fine/Medium. If you are using a larger file than this, it may not work.

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  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    Check your timeout settings. Is the camera going to sleep before the download completes?
  • Nikon_BratNikon_Brat Posts: 5Member
    I've had timeout sessions with my iPad 2. maybe the new iPad's don't have the disconnection as much. However I will say I was rocking the app on Android way better it came to iOS. Never had problems with Android in either HTC EVO 4G or Galaxy.
  • ricewingricewing Posts: 1Member
    I realize this post is several years old, but I have been experiencing this problem as well. Quite by accident, I found out that on my iPhone, and iPad, if I have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on at the same time I get the described problem. I found that if I turn off Bluetooth the problem seems to be resolved. It worked for me. I hope it works for you.
  • CrimzaelusCrimzaelus Posts: 1Member
    Yes, I had the same issue where it would disconnect or not transfer the photos. Once I turned off Bluetooth on my iPhone, it worked perfectly!
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