Nikon D5200 SD card error

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My D5200 has developed a problem, every time I turn it on I get the error message "This memory card cannot be used. Card may be damaged Insert another card." I have tried multiple memory cards in the camera and tested them on another camera to ensure that they work but the message still shows. I followed following instructions from Nikon but problem still remain.

1. Remove battery, Memory card, and lens for about 30 seconds

2. Reinsert just the lens and the battery, power the camera on
ensure you are using an approved card: Answer Title: Approved SD cards for D5200 Answer Link:

3. The camera settings can be restored to default values by holding the "Menu" and "i" buttons down together for more than two seconds

(these buttons are marked by a green dot). The information display turns off briefly while settings are reset.

4. Hit the menu button and select custom setting menu

5. Select "F" for controls and then "F4" labels " Slot empty release lock"

6. Highlight "Enable release"

7. Test camera with no card/ then reinsert the card and try again

After this I am able to take pictures in demo mode but sd card still gives error.

I bought this 1 and half year ago from US. I am in canada and Nikon wants me to send it to USA and will cost 400+ bucks. This is just too much for me. Can someone please suggest how to fix this?



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    Not sure if your issue is the same as below, but here is what I can offer...

    This happens to me on my N1 J4 once in a while. I have a MAC. Seems some of the "crap" the MAC leaves behind causes this in my case. There are .Trash and index files that OS X puts on drives.

    To fix the issue I format it in MAC or Windows as FAT32. Then the Camera will recognize it and you can format it with the camera.

    I am now using Blueharvest. It will automatically clean drives of OS X stuff (and Windows stuff too I believe).

    Hope this helps...

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    Install the newest firmware. Especially if you did a hard reset of the camera.

    Hmm not sure how to do it if it won't read anything. Will investigate more on my body and computer in a bit.

    Can you check your firmware version and see if you have C 1.02?
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    take a look down the card slot ..I have had bits come off the card (the bars between the connectors) to see if you have a bent connector or debris
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