Nikon Coolpix L21 HELP !!1

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Few days ago i made some photos and tried to download them to my computer via the camera's USB cable. The problem was that the cable's wires are broken ( the cable is cut and the wires are twisted ). After i plugged the cable to both devices, nothing happened. I tried it more times and nothing. Then i tried to power my camera and it didn't. I tried again to plug in and out the cable and it started.The main problem is that i get this deadly pop-up after i start the camera "This card cannot be used". I also tried 2 other different cards and the same issue. I also tried to change the batteries and nothing. I used a card reader and the card was fine, i formatted it and the same sh*t. Also the camera won't power every time when i try to ( especially after taking the batteries off from the charger ). I tried to run the camera without the card and it did but i could not make any pictures where the flash was used. I have simply no idea what to do to solve it. I also cannot send it to the Nikon service cuz it's 10.000KM away !!! ( i live in Romania ). What do i do :( !?


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    Have you tried reset all?

    Page 103 in the manual.
    Menu -> wrench -> C (reset all)
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    Yes, i did, and also Format ( IN ) ( formatting camera's memory )
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    You can get used ones for $50 .. Maybe time to get a new camera ?
    You may be able to get a new cable. Its probably a standard micro usb cable. Also try cleaning all the electronic contacts, eg. the battery and the battery compartment, with isopropyl.
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