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Hello, would you know what radio wireless flash system is near perfect in reliability for use with Nikon? I've used Radio Poppers and Pocket Wizards (both systems have failed me multiple times) - and also have used Nikon's SU 800 (infrared). Infrared pretty much is line of sight, so that doesn't work for me either.

I'm an architectural photographer and often need to signal the flash through walls, in bright sun, at night, etc.

Why can't Nikon make a RADIO wireless flash transmitter/receiver? Canon's got it - they have the Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT and some of their speedlite's have built-in radio receivers. I hope by some miracle I've missed the news and Nikon does have a radio flash solution - until then, what's a great wireless radio flash solution, please let me know! Do you know if Nikon intends to create a radio wireless flash solution?

I emailed Nikon and their response is below:

"Thank you for contacting Nikon. We thank you for your comments and suggestions regarding our products. Nikon strives to take all possible steps for the improvement of its products and welcomes the submission of good ideas. We rely heavily on our research and development departments and although we appreciate your feedback are unable to discuss future product development."

Clearly, Nikon's response tells me nothing....hoping you've heard of a solution!

Thanks in advance!


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    I just got the Yongnuo 622N controller and transceiver set today.

    I haven't played with it much, but then again, I am new to off camera flash. Right now, I am having issues with consistency form one shot to another when I have not made ANY changes to anything with the camera, just the subject.

    I've tried both TTL and Manual options.

    Probably not helpful, but my 2 cents worth anyway.
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    I have six PocketWizard FlexTT5s, the AC3 Zone Controller and 5 SB-910s. I also use my Sekonic L758DR to trigger the Pocketwizards to trigger the flashes so I can take readings. All this is to say that I spend a lot of time using my Pocketwizards - mostly in my lighting classes for now. Photos will be coming soon!

    These are radio transmitters. Do they sometimes not fire? Yes, but I mitigate this by keeping the antennas extended. That makes a big difference. Generally, this system is considered very reliable and if they antennas are extended, I would tend to agree. Someone in my photography class has the Canon combo you mentioned and they sometimes have problems too. That is why I picked this system. For Nikon, the Pocketwizards are considered either very good or the best. Which one? Not sure as CLS is the only other system I know.

    Perhaps your expectation is too high. Consistent flawless performance may be a little much to expect with any system.

    Not sure if I helped. I hope so.
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    I too use Pocket Wizards plus 111 with the cable which goes into the ten pin socket, so I can fire the camera remotely; it even wakes up the camera if in stand by mode. Use it daily never given a problem. I use the CamRanger also again without any problems. Used to use the WT4 system but the matching CCP2 software was very slow. I would check your PW to see if they are working as they should,and contact PW.
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    Thanks for your suggestions....through this forum, and asking around, looks like Pocket Wizards are the preferred system for Nikon. I often work with a friend that uses that proprietary Canon system I mentioned, and it never fails. Every now and then, it may take a few seconds to recycle, but besides that, it's perfect. There are no additional devices to attach, no antennas to extend. He just simply attaches the transmitter to the camera and he's set. There's even a green light indicator on the Canon flashes that show when the transmitter is linked (on).

    It amazes me that Nikon doesn't have a radio solution - built-in radio flash receivers in at least their higher end flashes (and a proprietary transmitter). I really don't want to make the jump over to Canon, but am considering it just for this reason. After all I've invested in Nikon equipment (D3s, D700, 6 lenses, 4 flashes, etc), it would be a monumental task to switch over, but am toying with the idea. There's nothing more frustrating then photographing a building at twilight, with very limited time before the sun sets completely, and having to light it up with multiple flashes, only have to run into major errors and inconsistencies when wireless triggering.

    Anyway, thanks again for your thoughts...if anyone has some inside scoop with Nikon coming out with a solution, please let me know!
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    Check out the phottix odin and the yongnuo 622n. I have both and like both. The yongnuo is cheaper and offers focus assist beam if needed.
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    I really like my Cactus V6. They are cheap ~($60 per unit) and can work as a receiver or transmitter. Probably the best feature is that they can mix & match different brands (e.g., use a combination of both a canon & nikon speedlight) while the transmitter is attached to a Nikon camera.
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    If Nikon is unable to comment on future product development, why would you think someone here would have information?

    If you feel that Canon would offer you a better system, then perhaps you should switch. Canon makes some very nice camera systems.
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    Another option is to look into the Godox line. There are rebrands like the BnH bolt and the Adorama flashpoint series.
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    I have been using the pixel kings (I have 2 transmitters and 3 receivers) for 2 years now.
    Thy are simple radio pass through (3 groups 3 channels, power modification must be at the flash unit) but are cheap and have been reliable as anvils.
    I get consistent TTL exposures with 2, 3, or 4 flashes.

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