New carry-on luggage recommendations/requirements

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Think you are going to take your camera gear in the cabin with you safe and sound? Think again. New carry-on recommendations from the IATA will require the venerable Pelican 1510 to be checked baggage, no longer allowed in the cabin. The new requirements are 21.5" x 13.5" x 7.5". The 1510 is 22" x 13.81" x 9" Only 9 airlines have adopted the new standard, but others are sure to follow:
1. Emirates
2. Lufthansa
3. Avianca
4. Qatar Airways
5. Cathay Pacific
6. China Eastern
7. China Southern
8. Caribbean Airlines
9. Azul
If you are traveling internationally you will likely hit this sooner rather than later. Best budget for a new travel case this year as the manufacturers, including pelican, will have to respond. Sigh.
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    I think the heading is slightly misleading
    These are recommendations not requirements
    although as stated some airlines are adopting the recommendations
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    Po-tay-toe, Po-tah-toe, you won't be able to bring your bag on board :((
    I should point out that the IATA can only issue recommendations, but if an airline adopts it, it becomes a requirement. United and American have already started cracking down on enforcing the existing requirements, no doubt in preparation for implementing new rec/reqs.
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    Humm. I am a bit disgruntled with this news. I have 3 pelican 1510 cases, of course I only use one when traving by air. Just I can have a couple of trips ready to go if needed and not repack everything.
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    Ouch that sure is getting small! Its going to be a real serious challenge for those safari shooters with the shotgun-like lenses for sure....
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    Ouch that sure is getting small! Its going to be a real serious challenge for those safari shooters with the shotgun-like lenses for sure....
    Lord, these new bag size requirements pretty much mean you can only pack bottoms... I foresee a spike in topless destinations ;)
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    Spend money NO.....get a saw and some epoxy and cut it down or send the peli in the hold and use a tempary bag or cardboard box in the plane.
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    United and American have already started cracking down on enforcing the existing requirements, no doubt in preparation for implementing new rec/reqs.
    It has been theorized that broader enforcement of existing rules would eliminate the need for changes i the rules. I would actually be in favor of stricter adherence to the existing rules if it forestalled a change (on US domestic flights). I had been worried that my packed to the brim Think Tank Photo Airport Security was going to fail the box test. I even printed out the page specs to carry with me in the bag. However, when challenged, the case fit in the box test--though a little pressure was required because I had stuffed the pockets.
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    Most of this is a result of idiotic airlines baggage charges. 4 or 5 years ago United starts charging $25 to check baggage and the flying public starts carrying on everything to save the $25. I witnessed folks trying to stuff Mini Coopers in the overhead bin because if it doesn't fit they know United will gate check the bag for free and they save $25. So United starts cracking down to make up the $25. Its insane.

    A couple years back I am flying United from NYC to DEN and though some sort of United screw up ended up in Zone 4. As usual folks have carried on everything to avoid $25 per bag and the gate agents announce that everyone in zone 4 and 5 must gate check their bags.. I have a bag with my camera gear and the gate agents insist I have to check it.

    No Way. They say you will have to take the next flight if you don't give up the bag. I say you will personally guaranty that I can get on that flight and have bin space? They say no. I take out my camera and tell them I am going to take their picture and a closeup of their badge and use it when I file the claim for the damage to my gear from them checking my bag.

    Well that causes said gate agents to start tap dancing and after a short conference with each other they decide to let me on the flight with my bag.

    The aircraft had plenty of bin space which i took a picture of and sent to United when I filed a complaint.

    So now they want to squeeze the sizing requirements to once again get people to give them $25 for the pleasure of checking a bag. Its hard to imagine this level of corporate stupidity but until there is a revolt from the flying public the airlines will continue to abuse passengers.

    I have been flying for more than 40 years and the decline of airline customer service in the last 5 years or so has been precipitous. It just sucks to fly anymore unless you can book business or first class.
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    @DenverShooter - great story about your bag. I have also found that if you don't get augmentative and stay your ground they will give in. Love the comment about taking their picture and badge. Never thought of that approach.

    Great follow up with taking pictures of the over head bins and sending the picture with the complaint letter.

    Although I don't fly much, totally agree with your last paragraph. Customer Service really doesn't exist anymore and coach is NOT a fun experience.
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    @DenverShooter I have experienced this many times. And you're spot on for the reason.
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    It is a "white people problem"... We are happy with a certain price/service combination, until a vendor squeezes the service to reduce cost. Then when we all get used to that new price/service combination, the cycle repeats. Eventually it gets to a point where the service is soo bad that people start complaining, and circumventing the rules... Which only leads to problems for everyone.

    In the aviation industry this has been amplified by the ridiculous increase in costs associated with security, as well as fuel cost increases, and by the bulking size of the passengers...

    BTW - don't complain too much though:) Here in Greenland we fly helicopters or Dash-8 airplanes and there is no way to bring anything like a Peli 1510 into the cabin... A small backpack maybe, but usually everything must be checked.
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    Maybe we can turn the tide on this if we b!t&h enough to the Airlines. Photogs aren't the only ones affected by this pile of bovine feces. Maybe Pelican will retrofit existing bags with a new lid (yeah, right), but likely they will capitalize on the situation. I guess TSA approved locks and lots of insurance is the new carry-on.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be chicken-little here. I just didn't want anyone to get caught off-guard on one of the above airlines, and I hope we are early enough in the cycle to actually affect a change. I would be fine with enforcing the existing rules to the letter, that would make it fair for everyone.

    I do generally fly business class (1M mile club), and now what folks are doing is as soon as they get on the plane they stuff their bag in the fist available overhead, even if they are not flying first or business. The flight attendants are now the "bag police" and have to catch these folks in the act. Agree with others who have said that the airlines created this mess. If they let you check the first bag for free or $5, this nightmare would end.
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    It is a "white people problem"...
    BTW - don't complain too much though:) Here in Greenland we fly helicopters or Dash-8 airplanes and there is no way to bring anything like a Peli 1510 into the cabin... A small backpack maybe, but usually everything must be checked.
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    Images are on my LinkedIn page.

    I had a smile for a month after that.
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    , as well as fuel cost increases, and by the bulking size of the passengers...

    I understand the reasons behind this, as airlines, faced with rapidly rising fuel costs, could raise fares fast enough to recoup these costs and therefore had to find other sources of revenue. However, the price of crude oil is now half what it was when these changes went into effect. Interesting that this "response" doesn't work both ways. Now that we're used to paying, we're never going back.

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    @DenverShooter I had a recent terrible experience on United as well. They have lost me for life. It doesn't matter the cost anymore; most airlines are within a $100 of each other at any given time now since we use the Internet for instant price comparisons.

    Things will only get worse for airline travel though. I am waiting for the day that we have to pay to goto the bathroom. It will be coming!!! Eventually, you will just have to sit there and be mindlessly bombarded by commercial advertisements and only if you pay will you have the luxury of relative peace and quiet. This of course will be occurring while they pipe the smell of warm cookies or pie over the air vents to make everyone hungry prior to selling food.
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    More and more budget airlines charge you for food now even on 6 hour international flights. I eventually came to accept this, but then they don't allow you to bring any food on the flight either! Sure you can bring snacks on but who wants to eat a container of Pringles for lunch on a 6 hour flight, or a bunch of wrapped of carrots feeling like a criminal? Sure, I have seen the cost of flights really drop the past two years, but what are the costs of this?

    I would not be surprised if what you say happens manhattanboy with regards to the bathrooms on flights. I have a massive 5 month long trip coming up this October that I have been planning since 2012 and I hope I can enjoy myself at least 80% of the time flights included :-??
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    I have anticipated this. I have a photovest that is stuffed with 6 lenses typically. Combined with my D800 w/MD-B12 grip, it weighs more than 20lbs.

    This fits in a bag that is within the size requirements, but I am overweight. Luckily I have been checked for size, not weight. However, if weight were to become an issue, I whip out the vest and camera, put the vest on, sling the camera over my shoulder, and voila! Weight problem solved. There is nothing saying that I can't have wear a vest with full pockets and even a D800 with a grip is a personal item. In the worst case scenario, I put the camera under the seat in front of me on its back and hold it with my feet.
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    Another trick is to fill your carry on with items not permitted in checked luggage. A dozen camera lithium ion camera batteries should do the trick. Perhaps an electronic cigarette could be added for extra insurance.
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    Wow good idea just wear it all on board! I suppose this would work in a pinch but it would be quite painful on a longer flight. They would also love you going through customs and the metal detector check no doubt. Still I would go this route rather than check my gear below thats for sure...
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    You put it back later.
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    If I had to check or carry on all the gear I carry while traveling.....yikes. Maybe this is why I pull an Airstream trailer.....

    Maybe the Pelican Case 1450 With Foam, 16" x 13" x 6-7/8" exterior will work? If I were to fly....
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    In a country like the US, I like the Airstream solution too Tommie.
    Always learning.
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    When I used to travel with my Nikonos/flash gear, I kept it in a Zero Haliburton case. This I put in an old/ugly suitcase slightly larger an stuffed it with socks and underwear for additional padding and checked the bag. Never had a problem!
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    @koru there are limits to how much the airlines will reimburse for lost luggage. They are way less than a d810 unfortunately
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    ...and that's why we invented Travel-insurance. And yes, my insurance will cover lost/stolen camera gear. Less than 2 years old, 100% of replacement cost, and then it is a sliding scale.
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