shooting without vibrations for the NikonD7000

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What remote controls are there for the Nikon D7000 in order to shoot without any vibrations or movement?


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    I use quiet mode and 2 sec delay .. works well if you don't want to pay for a remote.
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    There is an infrared remote, ML-L3 for $18. There is the wired MC-DC2 for $25. There are about 1 zillion 3rd party remotes that will work. Google is your little friend.
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    And don't forget to use the mirror-up function along with the remote or timer.
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    1. What exactly are the differences between the ML-L3 and the MC-DC2?
    2. Are the 3rd party remotes any good?

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    The ML-L3 is infrared. you kind of have to stick your hand out or off to the side of the camera. Depending on the lens you use you could get your hand in the frame. The MC-DC2 plugs into your camera with maybe a 3ft cord. You can also lock the shutter open. If I remember right that how they work. B-)
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    On the self timer, it's really useful to set the timer to take two or more photos. I set it to 10 second timer and then take 2 shots. I don't know if you can take more, but it's a really good poor man's remote release.
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    You can have the self-timer start the intervalometer and take 999 or 9999 photos depending on the camera model :-)
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    I use the timer on mine but the ML-L3 works... You can set the timer to 2 seconds and sequence shots
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    I think the best way to shoot without vibrations is a very good tripod and head. You would be surprised how little vibration gets through to the image if the camera body is held rock solid. If you can't spring for one, then the built in exposure delay feature is as good as anything, but it will not stop the wind shaking your camera.
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    +1 on what spraynpray said about the very good tripod and ball head.

    About one month ago I got the Vello Freewave Plus Remote, VERWIIN, which works on my D7100 and D750. It's excellent and has lots of flexibility. I checked Amazon, B&H, and Adorama and got mine at B&H. I am extremely pleased with the operation and it doesn't cost and arm & a leg.

    I honestly like the AAA batteries so you don't have to go find a CR2 battery like many use. :D

    I just got back from 2 weeks vacation and will start posting next week. The pictures from Mount Rushmore at night were all with the Vello remote.
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    Wind shake....very difficult to assess. I had a night shot with D800E, about 25 second light painting of a statue, wind maybe 10 - 15 mph, camera on tripod at 24" high. Absolutely no issues with vibration, the image went to 65" x 30" on aluminum, sharp as a tack.

    Of course, the shutter delay was used as well.

    In the above situation, shooting multiple trials was the way to achieve an acceptable image. Oh, maybe this is what "spraynpray" means....LOL
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    Wind shake....very difficult to assess.
    Not always: One memorable occasion some years back had me with a death grip on the neck of the tripod honestly concerned that one huge gust of wind during a gale was going to blow me and the tripod/camera right over in a cartwheel! That long exposure still came out OK because the legs were well spread (tripods and mine!), I had weight on the tripod and we were on concrete.

    That taught me that a good tripod and head contributes a lot to the sharpness of a shot. This is that shot. I can still feel my eyes watering and the tears making the hair on the back of my head wet when I look at it!

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    Yup, this was shot during the NRF get together in Maine, last year...wind so strong it literally picked up the tripod with the D4, 400/2.8 and nearly blew me over.

    But in other situations I have had as much as 30 lbs (14 kg) of sand bags hanging from the tripod center post. This makes me feel better at least, as I really do not want the 400 hitting the ground...

    I think a high shutter speed is always the best solution to very windy conditions, but in some long exposures I have even had a sand bag hanging over the the lens to add mass, dampen vibration. The one issue I cannot predict is the potential for the wind to set up a harmonic vibration in the camera/lens/tripod set up. Harmonics led to this disaster in the 1940's on the Tacoma Narrows

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    Whoa! great vid!

    @Msmoto said: "Yup, this was shot during the NRF get together in Maine, last year...wind so strong it literally picked up the tripod with the D4, 400/2.8 and nearly blew me over."

    Did you mean to post a shot there Tommie?

    BTW I had no sandbags with me, just my bag hanging on it - probably 20lb total (plus little old 180lb me)! I do intend to get some sandbags and carry them in the car for such an occasion, but I've not got any yet.

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    And, the answer is.......
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