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Hi, I'm new to this forum however I've been shooting for the last 4 years. Last March of this year I bit the bullet and bought a Nikon D810. It is my pride and joy. I love this camera!!! Ever since I got it, I've been using it quite extensively. So fast forward to last week. After using it for a landscape shot, I went ahead with my usual routine of cleaning out my camera using the rocket blower before placing it in my camera bag. While I was cleaning I noticed that huge piece of mirror in it and was admiring the engineering design of this magnificent camera. That's when I noticed something. Right about the bottom part of the mirror there's this (I'd estimate) 1.5cm long hairline scratch on the mirror. It's sitting about 0.5cm above from the bottom. And the pattern is like this: -- ----- -- --- --. It's not a solid, heavy scratch. It's just a really light micro-fiber hairlike scratch. I can't say that I caused the damage to it as I've been very careful ever since I got it. I also don't know if that scratch had been there before and just didn't noticed it. You won't really see it facing down. You have to put it in an angle against a light source to see it.

So I went to Nikon USA website and had a chat with one of the rep. I mentioned about the hairline like scratch on the mirror and was told that shouldn't be there. I was then told to send it to Nikon for repair if I decide to. So I told the rep that my camera is not even a year old so would the warranty cover it incase the mirror need to be replaced? Then I was told that warranty is not covered on "impact damage". So I told the rep that I didn't drop nor hit the camera against any object. Plus the damage is inside. But I was still told to just send it over and their service shop will determine the next phase. WTF!!! So I have to cough out the $$ to pay for something I didn't even do??? WTF..Nikon USA???? What's the point of having a warranty and not honoring it? I paid a good amount for the camera so I have the peace of mind knowing that it will be serviced here while still in warranty. Had I known this buying "grey market" Nikon products is better. I save more dough as the US warranty is useless.

Anyway, any D800/800E/810 users out there have this same issue??

Thanks and I apologize for the rant.
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    I think I remember reading something a few years back after the D800 came out. Sorry I don't remember but the pattern you put up looked familiar. I'll check my camera when I'm in some good light.
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    If you look real close it is the reflection of the contacts just inside the mount at the top not a scratch. Hope that's what you see. That's what I see on the D800. You might try some gaffers tape over the contacts and see if it goes away.
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    This is probably what you're seeing @N1konD . It looks to be some type of micro or laser etching on the underside of the mirror. It's always been there and to be honest, I never even thought of it as something to call Nikon service about because I knew it must have been a part of the mirror's anatomy.

    If this is what you're seeing, I can't believe they're asking you to send in the camera.
    ** I didn't know my camera was so filthy until I shot that picture. I'll go get a broom!

    Micro etching on D800 mirror.
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    Took a closer look at mine and I think you are right. Hard to tell cause my light is bad but I have the same thing.
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    Nothing on the mirror will impact image quality. Go out and take some photos!
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    Nothing on the mirror will impact image quality. Go out and take some photos!
    Exactly! And if you don't see any scratch in the viewfinder either, then it's not really a problem, is it?
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    Thanks everyone! You guys made my day! That pacified my frustration. Here I thought I have a defective item. With all the recalls and service notifications Nikon has been issuing lately, I've been paranoid about it.

    The photo provided by Rx4Photo is EXACTLY what I'm seeing on my D810 and now that you mentioned it; it is more like an etching than a scratch as it wasn't a consistent line. Also @ Rx4Photo; that mirror needs some serious might need a Dyson vacuum for!

    I also have a D7100 and inspected the mirror on that as well. I know it's not the same, but I want to see if the mirror is clear or have some kind of mark. What I saw is that it has some type of border around it. That being said, the etching lines/borders/etc. may be a part of the design to all Nikon cameras. i just never noticed it until now.

    What ticks me off is the way that Nikon USA rep handled my issue. It's like one of them service call centers where the person on the other end of the line have no idea or technical knowledge of the product they are troubleshooting and just reads a scripted line to answer questions. The way the Nikon USA rep chatted with me is like a robot; it just repeats the same sentences over and over.

    Anyway, I'm glad I came to the right forum. Thanks again. Well, looks like I'll be doing some more shooting this weekend. Have fun guys and be safe!
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    Good to hear that your concerns have been resolved. And YES!! I'm doing a good cleaning this weekend. ;)
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