Comparing cameras using DXO

A friend of mine loves his D700 and wont change to a 800/ I took a fit all lens a Samyang 14mm and looked at the sharpness ratings with a 700/800/810

The D700 rated at 11MP ..well its only 12 so you cannot go over that ....
The D800 rated at 20MP ( thats the camera I use the 14mm on)
The D810 rated at 27MP so that shows the effect of better processing and no alaising filter..

Same lens on a 22 MP Canon 5D 111 ..15 MP so we are not changing to canon are we . No figures yet for the 50MP Canon.

Doing the same test with a D600/610 gives identical figures for each which might tell you something.

Similar results if you try this with a 50mm f1.8 Nikon but clearly not able to check out canon.


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    Maybe it's because the D700 still does all he needs and is a rugged and durable camera. let's face it for most things it is still fine.

    I am looking forward to proper tests on the 50mp Canon too. Somebody told me that they are buying their sensors from Sony now. I don't know - does anybody here?
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    Always learning.
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    Just because something is technically superior doesn't make everything that proceeded it instantly inferior.

    The D7200 is technically superior to my D7000, that doesn't justify me purchasing a D7200.

    What's the reasoning behind you trying to convince your friend to get a D810? Are you trying to get commission on selling a camera?
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    I am looking forward to proper tests on the 50mp Canon too. Somebody told me that they are buying their sensors from Sony now. I don't know - does anybody here?

    "Prior to the Canon EOS 5Ds announcement, several websites reported that the new 50MP sensor was developed with/by Sony. Apparently this is not the case - the sensor was developed and produced "completely in-house" by Canon. Here is the quote from Chuck Westfall:

    Despite some rumors to the contrary, Westfall said the 50.6MP CMOS sensors in the 5DS and 5DS R are developed and produced by Canon. When asked whether they were created in collaboration with Sony as some rumors indicated, Westfall responded by saying: “Absolutely not. The sensors were developed completely in-house, by Canon.”

    The new 50MP sensor offers no dynamic range improvements over the previous 5D Mark III sensor"
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    That is great because it is what I told him when he said I was wrong. He said Canon have been using other peoples sensors for a while now. If that was the case, I am sure their IQ would have improved and they would all be crowing about it.

    Can't wait until I see him next >:)
    Always learning.
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    I just thought it was an interesting way of comparing cameras which I had not seen before (sharpness same lens different cameras)..I have another friend thinking of changing to canon which I dont like simply because you need two hands to turn it on ...lets hope that comparision I quoted helps him change his mind.
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    I agree with the comments on 12MP cameras being fine for most shooting situations. I still rely on a pair of D3S for anything mission critical.

    My D7200, and the D800 are special purpose cameras I use as appropriate for when the subject requires more MP to capture it as in wide angle landscapes, night astro, and birds at very long distances.
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