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    Looks like Nikon heard our complaints and is giving us direct WiFi connectivity.

    Seems like a good thing?
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    Yes it is.

    Hopefully they open up the Bluetooth control too so we can get some nice cheap bluetooth remotes.
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    Now hope that this is also the case with the Nikon Z6 and Z7 firmware.
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    That would help. The promise of SnapBridge is good, the implementation not-so-much.
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    Every 6 months or so I try out SnapBridge. It never works well for me and I go back to using Nikon WMU.
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    Latest Snapbridge update, my first quick check with the Nikon Z6 and my Nokia 8:

    1. Connection via Bluetooth works good for me, Snapbridge download the photo's in the map "DCIM/camera/snapbrige" on my SD card as 1680 x 1020 JPG.
    2. These are put on my Synology NAS 218+ via my phone (data VPN connection, not WiFi).
    3. I also use Snapbridge with my Samsung Tab3 as tether device.
    4. Waiting for a Windows 10 version now.

    1. WiFi connection to transfer the photo's to the phone in full resolution works, you can choose RAW or JPG and which photo's, so if you want, it is there, but slow of course.
    2. Wifi connection with your phone as remote control works good now, you can change the aperture, shutterspeed and ISO. tap your phone (or tablet) screen on the point you want, for very quick focus, the range I checked was about 8 meters, but always but but .........
    2a. When you take the photo the screen becomes black, because the photo is uploaded to your phone as 1680 x 1020 JPG, don't want this here, but I cannot find anything to switch this off, so unusable for me as a remote control via my phone or tablet to make a quick serie different photo's.
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    Today I received the update to Snapbridge 2.6.1, which promised an improvement in the connections. My desktop system is Windows 10, my mobile phone is the Samsung S10 and my tablet is the Samsung Galaxy tab S3. I made the connection with the Nikon Z6 all the way from the beginning, so first removed Snapbridge from my mobile and tablet and restarted de devices.

    Important: Make the connection from your mobile phone or tablet with Snapbridge !!

    1. Install Snapbridge and do not change anything.
    2. Note: On my cell phone, data is always on, no WiFi
    3. Turn on "Bluetooth" on the mobile phone.
    4. Turn the camera on and press "Connect to smart device" on
    5. Then "Start pairing" on and follow the steps in Snapbridge.
    6. Pairing started in Snapbridge on the mobile phone and follow the messages.
    7. Don't touch the camera until you see the message to confirm the code !!
    8. Bluetooth connection ready.

    Info, be patient, put the camera and the mobile phone next to each other and take your time, so wait for the messages Snapbridge gives to see what to do.

    If I switch on my mobile device Snapbridge and Bluetooth now, then a connection is always made to the camera automatically, so leave the camera on. If you switch it off and on again, the connection will be made automatically again. When you are familiar with everything, switch "connection" on the camera off, for battery saving, I don't do this, because I have always enough power available and bluetooth don't take much.

    My photos now always appear automatically on my mobile device in the resolution 1620 x 1080, which is fine for me, I can now view them clearly on my tablet.

    When everything went well I also made the connection via WiFi in Snapbridge, after which you can also download the photos in full resolution. Not an option for me, because it is way too slow.

    Remote control for the camera now works good and you have life view on your mobile.

    Now see if it will last.
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    @Ton14, that's encouraging, thanks for reporting. I'll have some time next week to try it, with WiFi...
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    @ggbutcher Some extra info: Setup the Bluetooth connection first and test it, switching it on and off on the camera and Snapbridge and if that works then make the connection with WiFi, but do this in Snapbridge.

    And take your time.

    @spraynpray Hope it works on the D850 as well now, fingers crossed.

    I did a test today, switched bluetooth on, on the mobile, started Snapbridge, wait till it made the connection with the Z6, what went quick, put the phone in my pocket and all the photo's were transfered with 1680 x 1020 px. no problems. I also switched the camera off several times, it connects automatic when you turn the camera on again.

    For me Snapbridge is a kind of tethering with my tablet, only to see the photo's in a bigger format and on a much better screen (oled). I don't use Adobe software anymore, but Exposure 5 and Affinity, no subscription needed.
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    How's that going with Affinity and Exposure 5? Please PM me. I would love to get away from Adobe but it just seems they have designed their products so you are trapped.
    Always learning.
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