Expected upgrades in Nikon D7000 replacement

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I currently own a D90, which I consider a great camera. However, I have seen improvements in the D7000 that I believe could be very suitable for me, such as better quality at higher iso settings and more autofocus points (also a sturdier build). But as the D7x00 seems to be just around the corner, I am waiting to see it.
Is there any chance Nikon uses a 24mp sensor that will perform poorer than the current 16mp in low light conditions? (Does the 24mp sensor in D5200 perform better than the 16mp in the D7000 in low light conditions?).
Does anyone expect more than 39 af points? (Although 39 is a huge upgrade compared to the 11 in the D90, I would like to know).
What is the expected price? Usd 1200 for the body only is realistic?
What other features are people expecting?


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