Problems with the green LCD screen after Nikon firmware update (1.02)

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I like to know if any of you here on this forum still have the green color problem on your LCD-screen after you have maked the Nikon firmware update (1.02)?

I´m thinking of buying this great camera, but it´s a lot of money and at the same time geting the green tint screen.

Look forward to hear from you, Thank´s in advance.


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    I'm not sure the firmware was meant to fix it. There is a very slight green hue and you really can't tell. Images come out fine. There is a particular site/person that makes a big whoop-ti-do about this and blew the whole thing out of proportion.

    I noticed it when I got my D800, then I started shooting and have since long forgot about it. I have never relied on the back monitor for WB other than to get a general idea. I generally take a custom WB anyway and never have to worry about it and shoot raw for anything important.

    Long and short about it - don't worry about it and move forward with a purchase.
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