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    The D500 and the D5 were introduced together much the same as the D300 and D3 were. The D500 and D5 share the much the same control layout and feature set. Clearly designed for the same purpose. Things that move fast, sports and wildlife.

    I hope to own a D810/D820 or whatever it is when the time comes but for different purposes. Yes they will overlap in use but are not made for the same purpose. Different horses for different courses.

    If the D7300 becomes a less expensive D500 type camera I am sure it will sell well. It will be interesting to see what features it has and has not when the two are compared. That will leave a hole in the DX line now filled by the D7200.
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    The D7300 may have the same sensor and image processing software as the D500 but it is not going to have the same autofocus system or the same speed as the D500. In fact, I question whether or not Nikon will actually reuse the D500 sensor rather than continue to refine a 24mp DX sensor. Fine with me if it does, but what will happen to the D3xxx and D5xxx lines? Will the D500 sensor eventually migrate down to the entry level D3xxx in future iterations? Could be. 20.9 mp is enough in DX.
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    Hmm, '20.9 mp maybe enough in DX'? I hope they don't downsize. The only reason for the smaller sensor mp is speed and the 7xxx series isn't fast so it makes no sense to me.
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  • retreadretread Posts: 574Member
    Further refining the 24mp sensor would be nice. Upgrading the processor and moving to two UHS II slots should speed things up but I don't expect any D500 kind of speed. Sure would like the D500 focus though.
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    The 20.9 will "link" it to the D500 even if it has less features and that will make it sell to those who cannot aford the D500
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    Bizarre that in one thread on this forum we have some people saying you can't have enough mp then some of the same people don't slate a possible down shift in resolution on this thread?
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    Well thats not me spray !!!! Good observation.
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    Well this came earlier than I expected, considering that Nikon tends to sell mid ranged DSLRs for a long time.

    I have a sinking feeling that we might get a mirrorless DX or even worse case scenario have Nikon even axe the entire DX lineup. From a beancounter's perspective, that's an easy way to streamline lenses and force everyone into one lens lineup. From a DX user's perspective, that's the worst case scenario.

    To be fair, I wouldn't be missing out on too much if Nikon decides to do the nuke everything scenario. My D7000 is still working fairly well and I could just pick up a D7200 and shoot for the inconceivable future, or even a D500 if I felt being generous.
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    The d7200 was replaced by the D7500 years ago. It makes sense to me to get ride of the 7200.
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    Agree. They need to trim the product line.

    Expect to see DF and D810 announcements too. I think those are already de facto discontinued in that they will not be making any more of them.
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    I seem to recall that production of the Df ended several years ago (rumour posted by Peter/admin), new bodies are just ones sitting in warehouses if that’s true. Likely true for the D810 and D7200 as well. Overproduction has long been a problem for Nikon. Not enough on release when peop,e want them, and stockpiles of unwanted ones later. They really not to improve their production cycles.
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    From my perspective, the D7200, D610, and D810 to be phased out after the first of the year. My Nikon contact says the D610 will officially be gone the first of the year. The DF will hang around as a unique system.

    Also expect clean up with the D3300 and D5500 as well. Right now they are in great kits for the holidays. Then after the first of the year they should go as well.
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    Z60, DX, 20MP, $1300.
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    I have a feeling we won’t see any Nikon mirrorless cameras under $1999 any time soon. Might be a big mistake, but higher price tags are just the norm for mirrorless system cameras.
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  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,545Moderator
    Real shame to lose this class of camera, for me and my type of photography, more useful than the D500/7500 so adios amigo. The D7200 with D500 AF and Expeed would be the king DX IMHO.
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    I am tempted to buy a second as a back up for the D7200 I have now. Sure as I do, Nikon will come out with something that obsoletes both of them next month.

    I fell victim to NAS and traded my D610 in on a D750 which arrived 2 days before the talk of a D760 started. :/

    Edit: No regrets. The 750 is a dramatic improvement on the 610 and I both got a price I was happy with for the 610 and paid, i think, a good price for the 750. The 610 is a very good camera. For me, the 750 is substantially better. :) /threadjack
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    Not worth worrying about unless there is a major improvement (big bump in FPS, extra movie like 4-8k or something like that), not much performance difference between the last two generations of 24MP DX or FX in recent years. I wouldn't worry about buying a second one, since there are tons of low use used bodies out there in the hands of weekend shooters who might snap off 10-20k shots at most during ownership. If Nikon stops making what you want just buy a low use used model for half the price.
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  • mhedgesmhedges Posts: 2,866Member
    Well if you want video performance I think the Z6 will be better anyway.

    I'm really curious how they are going to fit the D760 in price and feature wise. There will likely be D750's hanging around at a pretty good price for a while. And I gotta think they will not want to undercut the Z6 too much.
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    B&H has the D7200 with a yearend price of $ 696.- !!! and that is cheap.
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